Pita announces third competition aiming for Tokyo Olympics

Tonga’s famous bare-chested flagbearer, Pita Taufatofua has suggested kayaking as a third competition he will aim to validate in for a subsequent Olympics hold in Tokyo in 2020.

The 35-year-old skeleton to try out for a Olympic 200m kayak event.

“I chose boat since it’s something tighten to my heart. It’s something that Polynesians have finished for a thousand years, travelling from island to island,” Pita told a Olympic Channel.

“Our dream now is to be a initial chairman in a complicated epoch to paint 3 separate sports during an Olympic Games and in unbroken Games,” he said.

Pita initial represented Tonga during a Rio Olympics in 2016 in taekwondo, where he held a world’s courtesy and “broke a internet”, when he carried Tonga’s dwindle during a opening ceremony, bare-chested and lustrous in coconut oil.

While all a courtesy was fantastic, Pita pronounced his biggest impulse was subordinate for a eventuality after perplexing for around 20 years.

“People ask me about a Opening Ceremony during a Rio Olympics, and it was fantastic, though zero comes tighten to a impulse that we competent to turn a summer Olympian,” he said.

Pita also represented Tonga during a PyeongChang Winter Olympics in 2018 in cross-country skiing, carrying competent during a really final event. He was also a usually topless flagbearer during the games.

And now, with his sights set on Tokyo, Pita is behind in Tonga training tough on Fanga’uta firth on Tongatapu.

“My family home is right on a firth so I’m means to travel down a stairs and burst true in a kayak… It’s a ideal plcae for me to be means to practice.”

Pita is not disturbed if his preference to go for a third Olympic competition draws criticism.

“I consider people are really frightened to follow after dreams or and goals. They’re frightened of what a chairman on a internet, who they’ve never met, is going to say.

“We don’t have that fear,” he said.

Pacific Ambassador

Pita became a first UNICEF Pacific Ambassador in Jul 2018 and is an disciple for gripping a environment clean.

“The Pacific Ocean provides fish for people all over a universe [and is] one of a largest CO sinks for greenhouse emissions.”

“Protecting a environment, plastics, single-use plastics and meridian change – it’s a large understanding for me,” he said.

“The sea provides so most for the planet, not only for Tonga.”

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