Phil Mickelson suspicion he could shun a Dustin Johnson headlock…

Phil Mickelson is a intelligent individual. But when it came to final a strength of Dustin Johnson final year after a Ryder Cup, Mickelson couldn’t have been some-more wrong.

The impulse came late into Team USA’s jubilee of a feat during Hazeltine, and according to Golf Digest’s John Feinstein, Mickelson and Johnson got into an evidence about either Phil could shun if Johnson put him in a headlock.

“No chance, dude,” Johnson pronounced during a debate. Mickelson responded with, “Let’s find out.”

So Johnson put Mickelson into a headlock as a throng collected around them. Mickelson attempted with all his competence though couldn’t get loose. He attempted dual some-more times and unsuccessful on both attempts.

“By a time it was over, Phil looked flattering kick up. He had no shot,” Steve Stricker said, that Feinstein recounted in his new book, The First Major: The Inside Story of a 2016 Ryder Cup.

“What can we tell you?” Mickelson pronounced later. “I suspicion we could do it.”

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