Phil Mickelson says Tiger Woods played best golf ever

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PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. — Phil Mickelson is looking brazen to his organisation with Tiger Woods this week during a Players Championship, a singular early-round confront with his longtime nemesis during a contest where they have played only a singular turn together.

That came in 2001, during a third round, when Woods famously holed a winding, 60-foot birdie putt on a par-3 17th immature on his approach to a 66 and a feat a following day.

It was during a time that Woods was during his widespread best — a 14-time vital champion went on to constraint a Masters dual weeks after for his fourth uninterrupted vital title, dubbed a “Tiger Slam.”

“I don’t consider anybody currently who wasn’t there to declare it, and we don’t consider anybody before, will ever see that turn of play again,” Mickelson pronounced Tuesday during TPC-Sawgrass, where a Players Championship starts on Thursday.

“It was a many conspicuous golf in a story of a game, and we consider unrepeatable. we consider it was that good. we demeanour during 2000 as being kind of a benchmark during a U.S. Open and being a biggest golf I’ve ever witnessed and we trust has ever been played.

“And it sucked to have to play conflicting him. It unequivocally did. You demeanour during it and say, ‘How am going to going to kick this?’ There was a widen there for a numbers of years that it was so considerable that it was tough to suppose that it was indeed happening, that he was attack some of a shots that he was attack and personification that well.

“The guys currently demeanour behind and they say, ‘Come on, how most improved could he have been?’ and so forth. And it goes to uncover we that they weren’t there to declare it.”

Woods, 42, has 79 PGA Tour victories though nothing given 2013 and is in a midst of a quip from spinal alloy surgery. Mickelson, 47, won his 43rd PGA Tour pretension progressing this year during a WGC-Mexico Championship, his initial win in some-more than 4 years.

The dual adversaries have seen their attribute mellow over a years to a indicate that they played a use turn together final month during a Masters. That arrange of thing never happened in a past, and a PGA Tour typically went out of a approach to not organisation them in a initial dual rounds of an event.

In fact, they mostly were on conflicting sides of a draw, with one personification early on Thursday and late Friday, a other late-early.

The final time Woods and Mickelson were in a same organisation was a initial dual rounds of a 2014 PGA Championship, where a PGA of America determines a groupings. Woods missed a cut and Mickelson went on to finish second.

In all, they have played in a same organisation only 35 times, with Woods holding a slight corner in their round-by-round scores during 16-15-4. Woods’ scoring normal is also somewhat better, 69.60 to 69.91.

Woods won 5 of a tournaments in that they were grouped during some point, including a 2006 PGA Championship and a 2008 U.S. Open. Mickelson won three.

“We haven’t been interconnected together in years, and as we demeanour during a cover of a journal and a pairing is on there and a fad that’s been going on around here, it gets me thinking,” Mickelson said. “Why don’t we only bypass all a subordinate things of a contest and only go head-to-head and only have kind of a high-stake, winner-take-all match?

“Now we don’t know if he wants a square of me, though we only consider it would be something that would be unequivocally fun for us to do, and we consider there would be a lot of seductiveness in it if we only went true to a final round.”

Woods and Mickelson are personification with Rickie Fowler for a initial dual rounds, Thursday during 1:52 p.m. off a initial tee and Friday during 8:27 a.m. off a 10th tee.

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