Penguins send summary with widespread Game 5 win over Senators

8:11 AM ET

PITTSBURGH — The reigning champion Penguins are now one win divided from advancing to their second uninterrupted Stanley Cup finals. With a approach they kick a Ottawa Senators so convincingly, 7-0, in Game 5 on Sunday, new justification was supposing that this banged-up organisation competence have some-more than adequate left in a pot to lift off a pretension repeat.

This was a Penguins’ many considerable win given a initial round, when a rubbing of a postseason hadn’t nonetheless kicked in.

Brassard banged adult too: Late in a second period, Senators core Derick Brassard incited in to Penguins brazen Chris Kunitz, and a collision to Brassard’s conduct sent him to a ice. Brassard immediately went down and stayed down for several seconds. He solemnly returned to a bench, where he was hunched over while being evaluated. Eventually, Brassard left a dais and went down a hovel for treatment. It wasn’t a unwashed or infamous strike from Kunitz, though it got adequate of Brassard to do damage.

What’s next: The Senators’ deteriorate is on a line when they lapse home for Game 6, that is during 8 p.m. ET Tuesday in Ottawa.

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