Penguins owners says he would give behind $15 million to keep Marc-Andre Fleury ‘forever’

The Pittsburgh Penguins mislaid one of their many dear players in Marc-Andre Fleury to a Vegas Golden Knights this summer. The maestro goaltender was comparison by Vegas in a enlargement draft, that came as no warn after a year full of trade rumors ensuing from Matt Murray’s presentation as a Pens’ new starter.

But even with a karma of Fleury’s depart — wise his $5.75 million top strike onto a books would’ve been severe for Pittsburgh — it’s transparent how many those around a group skip his participation already.

On Wednesday, Penguins owners Ron Burkle pronounced in an talk with a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that he would have given adult a $15 million enlargement price a group perceived if it meant being means to keep Fleury.

“I wish we could have given a $15 million [expansion fee] behind and kept him forever,” Burkle said.

Unfortunately that was never an option. Each group was compulsory to concede a Golden Knights to name one actor who was not protected. Fleury was a choice for Vegas, that will presumably hurl him out as a initial No. 1 goalie in authorization history.

The Golden Knights paid a $500 million enlargement breeze price to join a NHL, that finished adult removing distributed in shares to a other 30 clubs. That apparently came out to about $15 million per team, a good remuneration for being compulsory to remove a actor as partial of a enlargement breeze process.

Except in a box of Burkle, whose net value is estimated by Forbes during $1.49 billion, he’d rather have kept one of a Pens’ many renouned players over a remuneration that won’t have many outcome on his fortune.

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The problem, of course, is that a income top would’ve done this difficult, even if Burkle was peaceful to chuck gigantic income during a problem. Fleury has a $5.75 million top strike for a subsequent dual seasons, that is approach too many income to compensate for a backup goalie. Pittsburgh still has over $10 million in top space right now, per Cap Friendly, so it wouldn’t have been impossible, though it would’ve been a controversial allocation of singular resources.

If a Golden Knights didn’t collect Fleury, there’s a decent possibility a Penguins would’ve traded him elsewhere. And realistically, if a group was unfortunate adequate to keep him, it could’ve offering picks and/or prospects to Vegas in sequence to have them name someone else. This is a pierce many other teams pulled to keep certain pivotal players.

But in a end, profitable so many income for a No. 2 goalie only wasn’t realistic. Antti Niemi, a deputy for Fleury, is creation only $700,000 subsequent season. Now a Penguins have outrageous coherence to make upgrades to their forwards and invulnerability that differently would’ve been severe with scarcely $10 million sealed adult in goalies.

So while Burkle’s view is unequivocally honeyed (and also a sign that a dude is ridiculously rich), gripping Fleury never unequivocally done clarity from a hockey perspective. As good a man as Fleury is — something we hear from teammates, fans, a owners, fundamentally everybody — his time in Pittsburgh had to end.

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