Pembrokshire teams behind in joining movement after Senior Cup …

Manderwood Pembrokeshire League fixtures for Saturday, Sep 29th (2.30pm):

Division 1 predictions:

Clarbeston Road 3-1 Milford United

Clarbie are commencement to collect adult formula in a joining nonetheless unsuccessful to pull Hakin in a Senior Cup final week.

They still seem to be watchful on pivotal group to lapse though new signing Sean Seymour-Davies is anticipating his feet with 3 goals in dual games, and he could be pivotal again opposite a Milford side nonetheless to win a point.

But nonetheless The Robins mislaid in a crater during Saunderfoot, Adrian Hutchings would have gratified with goals for strikers Lewys Tee and Jason Hicks – with a miss of idea hazard carrying cost them dear in a joining so far.

The visitors will make it tough for Clarbie, though we still see a home win.

Goodwick United 5-0 Herbrandston

It’s not function for Herbrandston during a impulse – and this isn’t a kind of tie we wish on a behind of 1 indicate in 5 games.

They would also have been undone by their Senior Cup diversion with Llangwm/Haverfordwest CC being called off final week – it would have been a possibility to get a win, and some goals, underneath their belts.

Goodwick duration were advantageous to win during Pennar a fortnight ago though they do seem to be attack their stride, and and Jordan Griffiths’ crater shawl pretence during Fishguard final week took him to 11 joining and crater goals already this season.

Herbie can’t let him run furious on Saturday or like when they played there during a finish of final season, they could be in for a prolonged 90 mins during Phoenix Park.

Hakin United 6-2 Lamphey

Lamphey are another side with an unenviable outing tomorrow.

But they during slightest go to The Obs on a behind of a 5-0 Senior Cup win over Letterston, their initial feat of a campaign, and Billy Davies scored 3 times as a sign of his risk when he has a service.

But a approach they were distant by Monkton in their final joining diversion (2-11) has me disturbed for them here. Hakin are still not banishment on all cylinders though still put 7 past Port Tennant Colts in a FAW Trophy and scored 5 opposite Clarbie in a Cup final week.

Nicky Woodrow is also clearly behind fit and scored twice in a latter win, and he and Justin Harding should give The Stags genuine problems here.

Merlins Bridge 3-1 Pennar Robins

Matthew D’Ivry won’t have learnt too most from his side violence Cosheston 10-0 in a crater final week, though it during slightest gave a possibility for Adam Hawkins to get off a symbol for a deteriorate as he strike five.

It will be most worse tomorrow opposite a Pennar group who have left from 3 true joining wins to behind to behind defeats, nonetheless as mentioned they some-more than matched Goodwick final time out before Matty Delaney’s damage time winner.

we consider Chris Lloyd’s group are able of a outcome here though Bridge have firepower aplenty during a impulse with Jordan Thomas another to stir final week, and a Robins contingency find a approach to opposite it.

Monkton Swifts 4-2 St Clears

we wrote St Clears off pre-game opposite Carew, so it is with genuine hostility we tip them to remove again here.

Tristan Hancock was a favourite of that 4-2 win over The Rooks and while they started terribly opposite Division Two group Kilgetty in a Senior Cup, there is clearly zero wrong with their self faith as they came from 3-0 down to win.

But Monkton are only idea crazy during a moment. They’d scored 21 goals in dual joining games before going to Tish in a Senior Cup on Saturday, and bagged 11 some-more as James Russell scored 4 times.

But while we can see them picking adult 3 points, we don’t consider they’ll strike double total again this Satuday – nonetheless if they do I’m sure Ryan Griffiths will let me know about it….

Neyland 2-2 Narberth

This is one I’m struggling to call.

Neyland’s bad joining start was compounded by a 4-2 Senior Cup detriment to Solva final week.

Good goals from Ben Fairbairn and Mike Chandler were a sign that they do possess peculiarity though a series of their earnest youngsters have now left for University, and notwithstanding a win over Milford they are nonetheless to find any genuine form this season.

Likewise, Narberth have only a indicate from 5 games though pounced on a possibility to get going opposite Newport Tigers in a Senior Cup, winning 19-2 as Jake Webster, George Lander, and Jordan Williams all ran riot.

But that was opposite a Division 5 side and in a league, they have not scored given a opening night of a season.

we consider they will measure during The Athletic Club, though we can’t collect an undisguised winner. 

Saundersfoot Sports 2-4 Carew

That better to St Clears has to offer as a arise adult call for Carew – as new Division 1 story has showed we don’t have to dump too many points to remove hold with a leaders.

But they will have a tough exam here, with Saundersfoot carrying staid good behind into life in a tip flight. They’ve mislaid only once so distant and progressed in a Senior Cup final week, with Richard Cope impressing.

They did however, concur 3 times in a second half opposite Milford and can ill means a spell like that opposite The Rooks given a hazard carried by Scott Ferney and co adult front.

I’ll tip Carew to rebound back, nonetheless admittedly not with a good understanding of conviction.

Division 2:

Broad Haven v Merlins Bridge II

Hundleton v St Ishmaels

Lawrenny v Fishguard Sports

Letterston v Hakin United II

Llangwm H’west CC v Kilgetty

Prendergast Villa v Johnston

Solva v Camrose

Division 3:

Carew II v Monkton Swifts II

Fishguard Sports II v Clarbeston Road II

Milford United II v St Florence

Narberth II v Milford Athletic

Pendine v Pembroke Boro

Pennar Robins II v Solva II

St Clears II v Goodwick United II

Division 4:

Camrose II v Hundleton II

Herbrandston II v Cosheston

Kilgetty II v Broad Haven II

Pembroke Boro II v Llangwm H’west CC II

Pennar Robins III v Neyland II

Division 5:

Carew III v Saundersfoot Sports II

Johnston IIv  Letterston II

Milford Athletic II v Newport Tigers

Tenby v Monkton Swifts III

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