Paul Azinger Says ‘Some Players’ Think Tiger Woods Has Pain Medication Problem

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Former veteran golfer Paul Azinger says some stream PGA Tour players trust Tiger Woods is traffic with a intensity obsession to pain medication.

On Thursday, Will Gray of a Golf Channel upheld along comments Azinger done during an coming on Fox Sports’ The Herd with Colin Cowherd following Woods’ new DUI arrest.

“I know firsthand there are some players that consider there’s a problem there with Tiger,” he said. “I don’t, we haven’t been around him most a final few years. But there are some players out there that are observant this has been a problem for a while.”

Woods expelled a statement following a detain to repudiate ethanol was concerned in a incident. He pronounced an “unexpected reaction” to his remedy caused a problems.

“I know a astringency of what we did and we take full shortcoming for my actions,” he said. “I wish a open to know that ethanol was not involved. What happened was an astonishing greeting to prescribed medications. we didn’t comprehend a brew of drugs had influenced me so strongly. we would like to apologize with all my heart to my family, friends and a fans. we design some-more from myself too.”

TMZ Sports noted a military news filed in Florida after accurate those claims, with a breathalyzer exam display no signs of ethanol in his complement after a arrest.

Azinger, who now works as a Fox Sports golf analyst, pronounced on The Herd the countless injuries Woods has dealt with over a past decade is a concern.

“He’s had a lot of behind surgeries, he’s had knee surgeries, he’s had an Achilles issue. He’s had a lot of pain,” he said. “It would be easy for Tiger to get bending on that, that really addictive drug, if he’s bending on it. we wish he’s not.”

The 1993 PGA Championship leader also urged a superstar’s tighten round of friends to help: “Tiger’s tighten to a few people. Not many. And a few people that are around Tiger substantially know there’s a problem. And if they don’t intervene, afterwards it’s on them. But addiction’s a large deal, and if he’s addicted, afterwards somebody improved intervene.”

Here’s a demeanour during a full contention about Woods’ standing between Azinger and surrogate horde Jason Whitlock:

The 14-time vital champion hasn’t played rival golf given a Omega Dubai Desert Classic in early Feb due to continued behind problems. Before a arrest, Woods wrote on his official website he “unequivocally” wanted to tee it adult again though didn’t yield a calendar for his return.

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