Oregon coach: Norman Xiong best actor he’s seen given Tiger Woods

Looking for a subsequent college golfer to make sound on a pro level?
Oregon sophomore Norman Xiong is during a tip of many lists, including that of Oregon conduct manager Casey Martin.

Martin has coached and played with many gifted golfers. He was a college teammate of Tiger Woods during Stanford. Martin finished 43 PGA Tour starts and won once on a Nike Tour (now a Web.com Tour) in 1998. And in 12 seasons heading a Ducks, he has coached an NCAA Championship-winning group (2016), NCAA particular champion (Aaron Wise, 2016) and Nicklaus Award leader (Eugene Wong, 2010).

The 19-year-old Xiong, who has won 5 times this season, competence be a best golfer Martin has seen not named Tiger.

“When he does eventually spin pro and get out there, we don’t know what’s going to happen, and we hatred presaging what’s going to occur since we usually don’t know. we don’t have a clear ball,” Martin said. “But from what I’ve seen, during this age, we don’t know if I’ve seen another 19-year-old in my 12 years of coaching that’s where he is.

“Obviously a usually actor that we would defer to would be Tiger. … But everybody else that’s come out recently, I’m not observant he’s going to do what they’ve done, though we consider during this theatre he’s each bit as good or softened than anyone we could put in there.”

Embracing his inner-Tiger

Xiong doesn’t bashful divided from a lofty comparisons. To him, it proves he’s going in a right direction.

“That’s something that we adore to hear, since eventually we wish to do what Tiger did, go out there and unequivocally be a widespread golfer and change a diversion in some way,” Xiong said.

Soon he’ll get a chance. Xiong has nonetheless to strictly announce his intentions to spin pro after this spring, though many design him to do so. He had a talent to make a burst a year ago, and Martin is among those who wouldn’t be astounded to see Xiong make a discerning transition onto a PGA Tour, most like Jon Rahm did dual summers ago after graduating from Arizona State. (Rahm was projected to pierce adult one mark to third in a Official World Golf Ranking after winning his fifth pro pretension Sunday during a Spanish Open.)

“I’m vacant since of how good he is, though I’m also not vacant since I’ve watched him play so most golf a final 4 years that I’m not repelled during all,” Martin said. “It’s going to be sparkling to see his career unfold.”

Xiong has had utterly a golf tour so far. He was innate in Guam and lifted in Southern California. He starred during Temescal Canyon High School in Lake Elsinore , Calif., and on a inhabitant youth circuit, even representing a U.S. in a Junior Ryder Cup in 2016.

He sealed with a Ducks in Nov of 2016 and enrolled early, competing for Oregon final open and personification good adequate to not usually win a Phil Mickelson Award as a nation’s tip beginner though also secure a mark on a U.S. Palmer Cup team.

Last summer Xiong notched his biggest win to date, capturing stroke-play and match-play honors during a Western Amateur, a opening that helped him acquire a mark on a U.S. Walker Cup team. (He went 3-0-1 in Sep during Los Angeles Country Club.)

“I went out there and showed everybody – and even myself – that we could go out there and play that high spin of golf,” Xiong pronounced of his Western Amateur win. “It set a substructure that we am one of a tip amateurs in a world.”

Xiong, ranked fifth in a World Amateur Golf Ranking, combines a singular brew of eye-popping length off a tee and an considerable ability to penetrate large putts. He recently has softened his diversion from 130 yards and in, and schooled to play “a some-more mature code of golf,” Martin calls it.

“When he came in, he would go for each pin – and utterly honestly he could lift it off a lot,” Martin said. “But now he’s been some-more peaceful to lay adult or play to a fat side of a green. He’s some-more refined.”

Said Xiong: “I satisfied a turn is like a marathon and we don’t need to be ideal on each shot. It’s a prolonged race, and a one who creates a slightest volume of mistakes will win.”

Ducks line adult behind Xiong

Xiong, ranked fourth in a nation by Golfweek, leads a Ducks in scoring normal this deteriorate during 68.78 and has available usually 4 of 29 rounds over par. He did tie for 42nd during Trinity Forest in a tumble and has dual other finishes outward a tip 20, though he’s possibly won or finished second in 6 of his 7 other starts. He enters a Pac-12 Championship this month with 3 uninterrupted victories.

“He has taken us on his shoulders,” pronounced Martin, whose group is ranked 35th. “We unequivocally haven’t played well-developed solely for him, and he has been amazing.”

Martin loves articulate about Xiong a golfer – usually not as most as Xiong a person. Martin has never listened Xiong use profanity. Xiong’s teammates contend he’s never had a sip of alcohol. Xiong doesn’t gloat and is famous for his far-reaching smile.

“He’s usually an comprehensive gem of a human,” Martin said.

And a flattering good solitaire rummy player, too. Xiong calls himself a blemish actor during gin, though also concedes, “Gin is a lot of luck, like each label game.”

As for Xiong’s golf game, no fitness is needed. The ability he possesses is rare. And golf fans expected will get to see it in movement a pro spin in a nearby future. Gwk

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