Opinion: What should WWE do with Mike Kanellis

Is all wish mislaid for Mike Kanellis? Or can he rebound behind in a vital way?


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Mike Kanellis finished his WWE entrance roughly a year ago now, and they have still nonetheless to indeed do anything with him.

A maestro of Ring of Honor, New Japan, and Impact Wrestling, a former X Division Champion finished his WWE entrance alongside mother and prior WWE star, Maria Kanellis on Jun 18, 2017, during WWE Money In The Bank.

Kanellis faced Sami Zayn in his WWE entrance compare in a winning effort, accurately one month after his debut, though mislaid their re-match and initial pay-per-view compare during WWE Battleground. Losing a compare of that bulk that early on didn’t demeanour good for Mike’s future.

Mike did flattering most zero for a rest of a year. During that period, he spent some time off a highway recuperating from years of drug abuse, as documented on WWE’s YouTube account.

Mike entered 2018 with a purpose, with a some-more considerable physic, however, WWE is still nonetheless to act on his apparent talents. Mike is not on WWE’s UK tour, that ends this week.

Mike has usually seemed irregularly on WWE live events in 2018 and has finished really few TV appearances, with his ‘highlight’ so distant being he entering during series 6 in a Greatest Royal Rumble, where he was separated by Mark Henry in only 2.49 seconds.

It seems expected that WWE was perplexing to try a shortest Royal Rumble time record here, that is still hold by Santino Marella.

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So where can Mike go from here? Is he too distant left to make a large impact?

I don’t consider so. Love or hatred Jinder Mahal, he should be deliberate an impulse to reduce label stars like Mike.

Jinder was flattering most a TV jobber adult until Apr 2017, and then, out of nowhere, became WWE Champion. So if it can occur to a former 3MB rocker, it can occur to anyone. So what to do with Mike?

Recently on RAW, Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre shaped an alliance. For a moment, they do not seem to be in office of a Tag Team titles, presumably since of skeleton for them to have a tip tier argument with categorical eventuality talent, that they deserve. What we would adore to see is for Dolph and Drew to enhance their organisation into a faction.

A coterie of underrated and underused stars, to lead attacks on a whole roster, like a Nexus, and make their participation known.

I consider Mike would make a good further to their unit, along with one or dual other equally talented, nonetheless underused Superstars. If WWE gives them a same kind of courtesy they did to a organisation like a Nexus, afterwards there is no revelation in how distant they, and Mike Kanellis can go.

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