Only winning saves a Real Madrid coach’s job: Zidane

Madrid (AFP) – Real Madrid might be on a verge of a initial La Liga and Champions League double for 59 years, though manager Zinedine Zidane insisted his pursuit is usually protected if he delivers trophies.

Madrid sports daily reported on Saturday that Zidane is set to be handed a agreement prolongation to 2020 as a prerogative for his fantastic success given holding assign in Jan final year.

Real need 7 points from their final 3 La Liga games for a initial joining pretension in 5 years and face Juventus in a Champions League final on Jun 3.

Zidane also led Madrid to a Champions League final season, though carrying spent over a decade during a bar as a player, partner manager and manager of Real’s girl group before relocating adult to a initial team, a Frenchman knows usually finishing a pursuit by winning trophies will do.

“I am improving in all aspects (as a coach), though that doesn’t meant anything,” he said.

“I know where we am and a usually thing that matters here is doing all probable to win.”

Three games over a subsequent 8 days will establish if Madrid can finish Barcelona’s prevalence of La Liga.

The European champions horde Sevilla in their final home diversion of a deteriorate before travelling to Celta Vigo and Malaga.

And Zidane is holding zero for postulated as he believes a toughest partial of Real’s deteriorate is still to come.

“These 3 matches in a joining and a Champions League final are a hardest part,” he added.

“We are removing closer and closer to a goal. We realize that we have 4 matches left, during a commencement of a deteriorate we had 50 games left.

“Today we still have 4 finals to try to win a championship and a Champions League, though in observant that, we haven’t won anything yet.”

Zidane has used a abyss of his patrol to good outcome in new weeks by creation indiscriminate changes for La Liga games sandwiched between Champions League encounters.

And after facing an Atletico Madrid assault on Wednesday night to swell to a Champions League final 4-2 on total notwithstanding losing 2-1 on a night, he confessed he will name dual really opposite teams during home to Sevilla and during Celta in midweek.

“We have to consider only about a diversion tomorrow. we will collect a group as always and on Wednesday we will collect another one which, for sure, will have changes.”

Gareth Bale, Dani Carvajal and Pepe will really skip out opposite Sevilla due to injury.

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