Olympics: Park City’s Sage Kotsenburg tells NBCSports he will not urge slopestyle bullion in South Korea

The expostulate to emanate and try new tricks mid-air waned, he added. Kostenburg pronounced he simply didn’t have a corner to try new tricks anymore.

“I finally pronounced to myself, I’ve got to do what creates me happy,” he said. “Competing doesn’t make me happy right now.”

The preference should not come as a shock.

Kotsenburg told The Tribune final December that apropos a filmmaker in a foe was his categorical proclivity going forward. Kotsenburg knew of a accurate dates of a subordinate events for South Korea’s Games, though also pronounced that if his heart wasn’t in it, he wouldn’t aimlessly follow a dream that was no longer his.

After observant he was on a blockade about fortifying his bullion award from a Sochi Olympics in Russia — a initial in snowboard slopestyle story — Kotsenburg pronounced removing divided from a despotic manners of a foe helped transparent his mind and find a new appreciation.

When he wasn’t spending a final integrate years globetrotting around Asia or Europe creation snowboard films, he was study continue patterns for a best powder roving or backcountry prohibited spots.

Asked if he envisioned removing that informed Olympic itch, Kotsenburg didn’t seem too worried.

“If we unexpected get an titillate to compete, afterwards I’ll make certain I’m during a tip of my diversion before we do it,” he pronounced in December. “I don’t wish to uncover adult to anything and not be ready, since that’ll only get me bummed out. I’ll really make certain I’m prepared to contest when we do. We’ll see when a time comes.”

Kotsenburg is stepping divided as a reigning bullion award champion. Growing adult in Park City as a unchanging during Park City Mountain Resort, Kotsenburg’s ability set on a house grew in his teenage years as he was never shied divided from perplexing tricks of high problem in competition.

Kostenburg won his initial vital slopestyle competition during a 2014 Olympic subordinate event. But his gilded run in Sochi will perpetually be looped over and over in YouTube clips. His signature “Holy Crail” helped him land gold, a pretence that was an appendage of a “Japan Air,” that featured rotating and corking his physique concurrently and reaching behind with one arm grabbing a corner of his board.

That run launched Kotsenburg into Olympic stardom. With his fluffy blonde hair always dipping out of his beanies, he done appearances on late-night speak shows with David Letterman and Conan O’Brien. The Park City supplement landed on a cover of an Olympics Wheaties box after winning bullion in Russia in 2014.

But a limelight grew worried for Kostenburg. He declined an invitation to a Academy Awards a few weeks after celebrating his Olympic bullion award to go float powder in Switzerland.

Kotsenburg now stairs away, though he does it with a bullion award in tow, with memories of that bluebird day in Sochi that forged out a square of story for a Park City child who only desired to ride.

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