Olympian Michael Phelps speaks during SCSU

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – The many decorated Olympian of all time was in Connecticut on Friday night. 

Michael Phelps was the featured orator during a sold-out harangue during Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven. 

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The all-star swimmer discussed his storied career and his hurdles with basin and anxiety.

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“Being means to arise adult each day, continue to pull people vocalization out about mental health, and articulate about mental health and perplexing to do something about that, to stability to learn a significance of H2O safety. Being means to have people know that that’s a second top means of genocide for children underneath a age of 14,” Phelps said.

The Michael Phelps Foundation has been compelling H2O reserve and training kids how to swim for a decade.

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