Nuggets crush indolent Warriors 132-110 in letdown detriment in Denver

DENVER — To get by a physicality of Memphis and a tension in Oklahoma City, a Warriors looked like a group that had caffeine issuing by its veins for 30 hours, pumping out dual high-octane wins. But caffeine highs lead to contingent lows.

The Warriors crashed tough in Denver on Monday night, slogging their approach by a 132-110 blowout detriment to a shorthanded though distant some-more energized Nuggets team, who tied an NBA regular-season record with 24 finished 3s.

“I could clarity this (coming) yesterday,” Steve Kerr said. “These things are kind of predicted in a NBA season.”

Golden State was but Klay Thompson, who has a bruise right heel, Shaun Livingston, who was behind in a Bay Area attending a birth of his child, and the injured David West and Zaza Pachulia. But a Nuggets were also but a collection of pivotal revolution pieces like Danilo Galinari, Kenneth Faried and Emmanual Mudiay.

So a Warriors were still favored. But they were fast overwhelmed.

Led by rising star Nikola Jokic — who finished with a 17-point, 21-rebound, 12-assist triple-double — Denver came out and physically smashed a Warriors’ frontline, while dropping 3s over a tip of their fringe defenders.

Denver had 5 descent rebounds in a initial 4 mins and outrebounded a Warriors 31-12 in a initial half. Jokic slugged JaVale McGee and Draymond Green out of a approach for a span and afterwards took one divided from an unknowingly Kevin Durant. He finished a night with 6 descent rebounds, dual some-more than a whole Warriors team. Three came in a opening mins as a Nuggets zipped forward 14-9.

Then Juancho Hernangomez, a 21-year-old gunner from Spain, got prohibited from low and a rest of his teammates followed. Hernangomez nailed 3 3s in a opening minutes, stepping into far-reaching open looks as a Warriors unsuccessful to brand prohibited shooters or crisply stagger behind out of their assistance assignments. It would sojourn a theme.

“We gave them too many gentle ones early,” Steph Curry said. “Then once we them go in, they were usually gun-slinging.”

The Nuggets strike 7 3s in a initial entertain and an unimaginable 16 3s in a initial half (two bashful of a NBA record), planting 79 initial half points on a typically stout Warriors invulnerability that was springing leaks on a regular.

“You get your stroke and afterwards (Jamal) Murray comes in and hits some stepback 3s, Jameer Nelson rattles some in, Will Barton stepping behind and attack 3s,” Durant said. “Then a crowd’s into it and everybody feels good.”

The Golden State offense couldn’t save a slumbering defense. Steph Curry went 4-of-18 sharpened and finished usually one of his 11 3s. On a initial possession out of halftime, Curry attempted to hint a Warrior offense with a discerning dilemma 3. But he shot it 4 feet past a rim, a large airball.

Later, following another integrate misses, Curry scampered over to a lax round a integrate seconds after a whistle. Then he sprinted to a 3-point line and dismissed adult a use shot. He missed that one, too.

“One of those nights,” Curry said.

There were a few splendid spots: Durant finished 10 of his 16 shots, personification good and jolt off an romantic letdown from OKC. Patrick McCaw had a career-high 19 points, heading a softly intriguing run by a Warriors’ mop-up organisation to start a fourth quarter.

From 28 down in a third quarter, McCaw and a collection of other Warriors’ youngsters quickly cut it to 9 with 7:28 left. They finished it so engaging that Kerr had a event to move his starters back and follow a win. But Kerr pronounced he never even suspicion about it and a categorical guys didn’t sound meddlesome anyway.

“I was done,” Draymond Green said. “My boots were unlaced. The stuffing off my bumps and bruises were off. we didn’t consider we was going back. Wanted to see a immature fellas make a good comeback.”

But they couldn’t. The Nuggets reinserted their starters opposite Golden State’s winded mop-up crew. Denver found some open looks and, no warn on this night, knocked them down.

Hernangomez, who entered a night averaging 3.8 points per game, nailed dual 3s in a shutting mins to sign a diversion and adult his indicate sum to a career-high 27. His final 3 was a Nuggets’ 24th on a night (needing usually 40 attempts), that tied an NBA record.

“I remember my sophomore year of high school, state semifinals,” McCaw said. “The (opponent) strike 13 in a quarrel from 3 and it was already out of hand. That’s a usually memory we have of a group attack 3s like that back-to-back-to-back.”

The detriment was a Warriors’ ninth of a season. They usually mislaid 9 all of final season.

“We usually got served a common cut of cupcake,” Curry said.


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