Nude photos of Tiger Woods, Lindsey Vonn and others sojourn adult after authorised threats

Tiger Woods has threatened to sue a luminary soil site and a as-yet-unidentified chairman who stole and leaked bare photos of ex-girlfriend Lindsey Vonn and a full-frontal picture of a pro golfer.

Looks as if that hazard is not yet getting a pursuit done. 

As of 9:30 a.m. PDT Tuesday, photos and a video of Vonn, a print of Woods and dozens of shots of additional victims — Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart, Katharine McPhee and Stella Maxwell — remained live on a website that was cited by TMZ in a Monday news of a crack and a authorised threat. 

Olympic medalist Vonn’s phone was a one that was compromised, not Tiger’s, pronounced TMZ, that also reported McPhee had sent a identical authorised hazard to a website, that facilities hardcore sex ads ancillary a exposed luminary images. 

“It is an vast and inhuman advance of remoteness for anyone to take and illegally tell private insinuate photos,” a deputy for Vonn told the Big Lead. “Lindsey will take all required and suitable authorised movement to strengthen and make her rights and interests.”

The many scandalous celebrity-photo concede so distant has been referred to as “Celebgate,” where Jennifer Lawrence was among a victims, along with Kaley Cuoco, Amber Heard and others. While incidents like this are ordinarily called “hacking,” Celebgate and others have incited out to be phishing operations, where victims are duped into giving adult usernames, passwords and other personal information around fake emails. 

In that case, Google itself was threatened with a $100-million lawsuit if it didn’t inform a pics from a hunt results. 

A Pennsylvania male was convicted and condemned in 2016 to 18 months in jail for hidden a cinema that stirred a FBI’s Celebgate investigation. 

The photos of Vonn and Woods were reportedly taken several years ago, when a dual were a couple. They antiquated for scarcely 3 years before she announced their dissection in May 2015.

For a record, 9:34 a.m.: An progressing chronicle of this post pronounced a photos had been taken down. They sojourn live on a website in question. 

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