No Tickets for You! Patriots, 49ers Fans Banned from Buying NFL Playoff Tickets

January 14, 2014 - 49ers

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Now that subsequent week’s NFL playoff report is set, tickets are on sale and in high demand. But they’re usually accessible to fans of a home team.

That’s a thought anyway behind a ticket-selling plan of a Seattle Seahawks and a Denver Broncos, a dual teams that are hosting, respectively, a NFC and AFC Championship games on Sunday, Jan 19. The horde teams have no ironclad means of detecting a devotion of any sold fan shopping tickets to a game, and therefore it’s not wholly probable to usually sell to homers. Instead, a central ticket-sales channels outline that usually business who have billing addresses in a closeness of a horde group might buy seats for subsequent weekend’s games, that will establish who plays in a Super Bowl.

As a Denver Post explained, tickets for a Broncos-Patriots diversion during Sports Authority Field in Denver go on sale on Monday around Ticketmaster, though usually for fans who live “in a Rocky Mountain states, including Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Montana, South Dakota and Western Kansas.” That means anyone vital in Massachusetts, Connecticut, or anywhere other than a few hours’ expostulate of Denver is radically criminialized from purchasing tickets from a categorical sales outlet.

Likewise, as a San Jose Mercury News reported, a Seahawks announced, “Tickets will be accessible to fans with a billing residence in WA, OR, MT, ID, AK, HI and a Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta,” and also that “ticket accessibility is singular and approaching to sell quickly.” So if you’re a from a Bay area, home bottom for doctrinaire 49ers fans, or if your credit label billing residence is anywhere other than those listed above, you’re out of luck.

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The reason behind a billing formula chapter is flattering obvious: Host teams wish their stadiums to be packaged with their fans, not those of a visiting squad. Crazed fans are famous to transport all over a nation and over to see their teams contest in playoff games. But it’s irritating and over irritating for a group to be personification during home and nonetheless not suffer a full home-field advantage since too many “outsiders” have managed to get reason of tickets. See a Baltimore Ravens fans celebrating final year after violence a Patriots on their home territory in a playoffs final year as a primary example. “One territory in a corner, opposite a way, all we could see was purple,” one Ravens fan said a year ago, when a group from Baltimore went on a highway to kick a Patriots and acquire a mark in a Super Bowl.

What’s more, teams like a Seahawks have a outrageous advantage personification during home since their stadiums are so loud, interjection to Seattle fans creation noise—and creation it all though unfit for visiting teams to duty as they’d like. Allowing tens of thousands of 49er fans to take adult space in Seattle’s CenturyLink Field could lessen this advantage a Seahawks suffer during home.

Earlier rounds of a NFL playoffs had no such billing residence prerequisites because, well, beggars can’t be choosers. Leading adult a Wild Card playoff diversion weekend, 3 of a 4 horde teams were struggling to sell out stadiums and internal fans even faced TV blackouts since of it. NFL franchises weren’t about to extent who could buy tickets; they were happy to take a income of anyone peaceful to compensate up. Due to high direct for a dual arriving playoff games, horde teams are in no such position, so they can try to collect and select who is “worthy” of shopping seats.

Patriots and 49ers fans aren’t totally blocked from purchasing tickets, however. They might not be means to buy by Ticketmaster, though they can buy on a delegate market. As a NFL Ticket Exchange, Stubhub, TiqIQ and other such sites. The cheapest sheet I’ve found is $380, though hopefully some decent deals will trip through.”

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According to TiqIQ data, as of Monday Seattle binds a corner of Denver in terms of priciest tickets on a delegate market. The normal sale cost for Sunday’s diversion in Seattle is $688.14, compared to $579.22 for a diversion in Denver. The cheapest seats going, meanwhile, are reportedly $365 in Denver and $381 in Seattle.


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