No, Shaq didn’t announce Trump presumably a best president

A story on a website Pro Conservative News snatched a enrich about President Donald Trump from a mouth of U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch and pronounced it came from basketball star Shaquille O’Neal.

The Dec. 10 headline includes an awkwardly worded purported quote by a basketball star: “Shaquille O’Neal says: ‘Trump is presumably a best boss of a boss of all times ever, he is not fearful to…’

Facebook users flagged a post as being potentially fabricated, as partial of a amicable network’s efforts to fight feign news. We found no justification that O’Neal done that statement.

The story started with a quote by Hatch that Trump had “been one of a best presidents” he ever served under.

That was followed by a ostensible quote by O’Neal:

“I don’t compensate most courtesy to his tweets. I’ll contend this for you. He’s been one of a best presidents I’ve served under. And a logic is, he’s not fearful to make decisions. He’s not fearful to take on a — a large mouths around here.”

In reality, a video of Hatch showed that he was a one who done that matter after he was asked about Trump’s tweets in November. (Hatch, a Utah Republican, announced Jan. 2 that he will not find re-election.)

We did find genuine examples of O’Neal articulate about Trump optimistically. Before a 2016 election, O’Neal referred to Trump as his friend though suggested he tweak his language.

“I consider if he could interpret some of a things he says and put it in business form, it would unequivocally make sense,” O’Neal said, according to a video posted in 2015. “Donald is like a straight-up guy.”

In Nov 2016 after Trump won, O’Neal pronounced on TNT that “everyone was in shock” about a outcome though that he hoped Trump would move people together.

“It’s kind of tough to trust that a man with no domestic knowledge is a boss of a United States,” O’Neal said, pursuit for a open to give Trump a possibility to do his job.

We sent a summary to Pro Conservative News on Facebook and did not get a reply.

The title settled that O’Neal pronounced Trump “is presumably a best president.” This feign news story seemed to take a quote from Hatch and charge it to O’Neal. It was Hatch who pronounced of Trump “he’s been one of a best presidents I’ve served under.”

We rate this claim Pants on Fire.

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