No Curry, no worry as Golden State Warriors journey to 2-0 lead

With Kawhi Leonard blank from a Spurs, maybe for good in a series, a red warning for Iguodala competence not peep until a subsequent turn or whenever a Warriors feel threatened some-more than they are now. Perhaps a West finals and opposite James Harden and a Rockets? That’s a many expected scenario. That’s where this appears to be heading.

Until then, Kerr will keep Iguodala in a starting lineup opposite a Spurs and get, a Warriors hope, most of what he granted in a initial dual games.

“The biggest thing is not being fearful to fail,” Iguodala said. “You try to welcome whatever conditions you’re put in. That’s what we try to do. Being a starter, well, it’s good to switch adult during times. Sometimes we get restored in that other role. Whatever they need from me, really, is fine.”

And that purpose is … indicate guard? Actually, Iguodala’s bizarre graduation has some-more to do with his defensive mindset than his playmaking. Anyway, it’s operative and a Warriors are winning and they’re doing it but one of a biggest shooters of all time.

“We’re only doing what we can until he gets back,” pronounced Thompson. “He’s a special actor and a large partial of what we do, that’s obvious.”

The time on Curry’s reconstruction is another week or two, that would coincide with a start of a second round. Well, during this rate, by Sunday night, Curry competence be assimilated by his teammates, who could finish off a Spurs and buy themselves an extended rest.

This array isn’t over, nonetheless it looks and feels like it is. This operative out good for a Warriors.

No Curry, no worry.

Veteran NBA author Shaun Powell has worked for newspapers and other publications for some-more than 25 years. You can e-mail him here, findhis repository here and follow him on Twitter.

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