Nicole Johnson on Her Relationship With Michael Phelps: ‘We Definitely Needed That Time Apart’

While Michael Phelps was creation headlines in a Rio pool, his support squad, fiancée Nicole Johnson and their son, Boomer, was creation headlines from a stands.

Olympic fans couldn’t get adequate of a destiny Mrs. Phelps or a pair’s darling newborn, who became an online prodigy interjection to his Instagram.

But, as Johnson will admit, in a pre-Boomer, pre-engagement days, it wasn’t always well-spoken sailing for Phelps and his fiancée. The dual had an on-again, off-again attribute for 8 years before removing intent in 2015. In a new talk with Cosmopolitan, Johnson non-stop adult about a dissection that eventually landed a dual during happily ever after.

She blamed a couple’s separate on “bad timing.”

“Michael and we both know that had we attempted to have a child and get married in a prior time we were together, it substantially would not have finished pretty,” she told Cosmo.

“We both had a lot of flourishing adult to do. We both had a lot of training about ourselves to do. we don’t consider we can be in a good attribute unless we adore yourself to a fullest and we wish to assistance a other chairman turn a improved person,” she added. “We really indispensable that time detached to commend that about ourselves and to conclude one another.”

And, of course, with a dissection comes some animosity.

“There really were times, and we consider Michael would contend a same thing, where we hated him,” Johnson certified in a interview. “We were during contingency during times. Even when we loathed him, there were still times when we was like, ‘God, we wish we was with him.'”

Lucky for Johnson, there’s no some-more wishing. With a marriage entrance up, Johnson pronounced she’s bustling planning. Unfortunately, though, there will be no aquatics involved.

After confirming that Phelps will not be wearing his medals down a aisle, Johnson added, “I don’t see us removing married in a pool either.”

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