Nick Saban says Florida State send brings ‘unique perspective’ to Alabama football team

Not too prolonged ago, Alabama and Florida State were among a programs to play in a initial College Football Playoff (2014 season). The past dual seasons, however, a Crimson Tide and Seminoles have had unequivocally opposite seasons. Saban’s patrol went 27-2 over a 2017-18 campaigns while FSU’s record over a same duration is only 12-13.

OL Landon Dickerson was a Seminole from 2016-18. The Noles were a clever 10-3 in Dickerson’s beginner season. At Nick Saban’s Thursday post-practice press conference, a Alabama manager remarkable that Dickerson brings a singular viewpoint to a group carrying gifted both successful and unsatisfactory seasons during FSU.

“I consider he has a singular viewpoint entrance from someplace that maybe…” Saban started before holding a noticeably prolonged pause. The Crimson Tide conduct manager seemed to chose his difference delicately wanting to equivocate being bluntly oppressive on a unapproachable ACC program.

“…the players didn’t have it utterly as good as they have it around here,” Saban pronounced when he resumed speaking. “And we wish a players unequivocally know what they have, a opportunities that they have and that their concentration is unequivocally in a right place, that is on a group being good.”

As distant as how Dickerson is doing in camp, Saban common a certain assessment.

“I consider Landon Dickerson has finished a unequivocally good job,” Saban said. “He’s unequivocally tough. He’s a unequivocally earthy player. Very smart.”

Dickerson is only one reason Saban is confident about Alabama’s descent line streamer into 2019.

“I like a dual tackles we have. … We have 4 or 5 guys that can play inside that have finished unequivocally well. Without fixing specific players, we consider we can have a unequivocally good descent line.”

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