Nick Saban: Alabama coach’s hip-replacement medicine goes well

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — Alabama football manager Nick Saban’s hip-replacement medicine went well on Monday.

“Coach Saban underwent successful robotic assisted right hip deputy medicine this afternoon with a hip specialist, Dr. Benton Emblom and a group during Andrews Sports Medicine,” group surgeon Lyle Cain of a Andrews Sports Medicine Orthopaedic Center in Birmingham pronounced in a one-paragraph matter expelled by a group Monday evening. “Coach is resting absolutely and we expect a full recovery.

“He should be means to lapse to work in a really nearby future, and we’ll have him behind out on a golf course, with hopefully a few some-more yards off a tee, as shortly as possible.”

WHY SURGERY: Saban skeleton to stay during Alabama for ‘a lot some-more years’

Saban announced after a A-Day open diversion progressing this month that he expected would have a procession to residence a bothersome hip emanate he had been traffic with all spring.

“I’ve been struggling a small bit with one of my hips,” Saban pronounced Apr 13. “And even yet they don’t make them like they used to and many players would not be means to perform in open use like we did if they had a identical situation, since nobody could even tell, though … we’re going to do an analysis of this during a finish of spring, though they contend even if it’s a worst-case scenario, it might be 6 or 8 weeks.”

The procession was achieved Monday afternoon and both Cain and Saban seem assured that a 67-year-old manager can get behind to work in brief order.

“I don’t wish to go into a tumble with this being a problem,” Saban pronounced after A-Day. “I wish to get it bound because, we know, we don’t wish to manager for one some-more year, we wish to manager for a lot some-more years.”

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