NHL Trade Rumors: Pittsburgh Penguins should be meddlesome in P.K. Subban if Predators are prickly to make a …

The Pittsburgh Penguins aren’t a usually group with star players in a trade gossip mill.

P.K. Subban of a Nashville Predators had to speak about his standing after a Preds’ new initial turn playoff elimination. From the Tennessean:

Predators ubiquitous manager David Poile didn’t discuss Subban privately when he pronounced Wednesday that changes are forward for a group that was suspended in a initial turn of a playoffs.

”We unsuccessful to accommodate a expectations and a fans’ expectations,” Poile said. “There are some issues to address. There will be some changes.”

“If I’m articulate facts, I’m a tip paid actor on a this team,” [Subban] pronounced Wednesday. “With that comes responsibility. Just like everybody else, a shortcoming is on me to take a fact that we didn’t win a initial round; we didn’t accomplish what we wanted to accomplish.

”I wish I’m partial of a solution. we wish we can be here and be a partial of that. But during a same token, I’m prepared to know that this classification deserves and final a best, and they should.”

The media has left a small serve —

“I am 100% convinced,” Corey Hirsch pronounced on a radio show, “that a Predators’ government will be trade a star defenceman after a postseason.”

Since Pittsburgh would unequivocally be during slightest deliberation a probability of trade a star player, is there a fit here between these dual former Stanley Cup Finals opponents both looking to shake a rug and get behind to a betrothed land?

Phil Kessel has a 23-team no trade proviso so blemish that off a list, unless Phil is peaceful to cooperate. Penguins’ government already knows Kessel doesn’t accurately concur when he doesn’t have to — and theory what — in this conditions he doesn’t have to! If a Pens wish to trade Kessel they’re going to have to trade him many expected to somewhere within their possess multiplication and for small return, and that’s usually ridiculous in any real-life scenario.

The subsequent healthy mark to demeanour to competence be to embody Kris Letang. A tip right handed defenseman in sell for another. But, afterwards again Letang can list 18 teams he can’t be traded to, a improved than 50% possibility Nashville could be enclosed here.

Even if that’s accessible though, because should a Pens trade their best defenseman here? Pittsburgh should peep some flesh in a traffic with Nashville. Subban comes with a $9.0 million top hit, and sincerely or not, a notice of being rather formidable and flamboyant. A turn brace of a hockey actor who indeed has a personality, that doesn’t always fit in hockey culture’s drab block hole. (See all a critical grown group removing so insane about a group celebrating wins during home in fun shows of fun that they can share with their fans).

If Nashville is unfortunate to pierce on from Subban, afterwards that is going to have to break their position in a trade market. A enervated position leads to enervated earnings (which is many a reason because a Pens shouldn’t be looking to trade players like Kessel and Letang for pennies on a dollar in a initial place).

With that in mind, a Pens shouldn’t cruise trade Letang for this, even if his NTC allows it. Just as if Pittsburgh is going to offer Letang out, other teams aren’t going to offer their #1 defenseman back, other teams aren’t going to give behind a extensive return, they’re going to square something together.

So square something together for Nashville.

Offer them Justin Schultz and Jack Johnson for P.K. Subban.

It accomplishes a lot for both teams. First, a income is roughly totally even – Nashville would be promulgation $9.0m to Pittsburgh in this unfolding and a Pens would be promulgation a sum top strike of $8.75m back.

Nashville’s proclivity would be to strew Subban if they consider he has an opinion or wish to reset their lockeroom dynamic. Johnson can play third span for them and pierce his #grit and supplement all a locker-room intangibles that he presumably brings to a table. Schultz as a right handed puck relocating defenseman can join Roman Josi or Mattias Ekholm on a top-four role, and unequivocally will pierce good value to what they’re looking to do. The Preds are a bit deeper as a result, though a categorical reason they would do this is presumption they’re usually prepared to pierce on from Subban.

For a Pens, this solves a lot of problems. You ascent Schultz into Subban and also solve some contractual issues as well. Add Subban to a top-four of Letang, Brian Dumoulin and Olli Maatta and that’s prepared to stone and roll. The third span of Marcus Pettersson and Erik Gudbranson can also be retained. Pittsburgh is a small some-more top-heavy to take on another large contract, though that’s a problem solved by trade Johnson in a initial place, so they can means to be a small some-more top-heavy if it means loading adult with what can be a premiere NHL defenseman.

If Nashville is so vigilant on relocating on from Subban, that should be Pittsburgh’s stance. If a Preds can get a improved offer somewhere else, all a best to them – go take it. But it’s tough to pierce a $9.0 million salary, generally when it comes with container (real or perceived, a notice is all that matters in this case). Subban’s trade value is reduction than his value on a ice. Pittsburgh should usually swoop in if a Preds are so unfortunate to dump Subban for what many expected would be a ridiculous reason, and that means a obtuse lapse some-more on Pittsburgh’s terms.

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