NHL Rumors: Pittsburgh Penguins – Hornqvist, Cole, Bozak, Dumoulin, Kessel, Maatta and Cullen

Phil Kessel and Olli Maatta of a Pittsburgh Penguins

On a Pittsburgh Penguins …

Sam Werner of a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: (mailbag) Patric Hornqvist will be a UFA after subsequent season, and during 31 years old, he’ll expected be looking for one some-more large agreement and a lift from his stream $4.25 million. That will expected have to come from another group as someone will offer some-more than a Penguins. The Penguins do have plenty of young wingers to take his spot.

Ian Cole will also be an unlimited giveaway representative and in line for a raise. The Penguins would like to keep him.

[Werner] doesn’t see any of a remaining giveaway representative centers as third line options for a Penguins.

[Werner] wouldn’t be astounded if their Penguins fill their third line hole around a trade someday in September. Tyler Bozak‘s name has come adult as an option, yet he creates $4.2 million, $2 million some-more than GM Jim Rutherford has for a spot. Salary could also behind in a trade, yet it would still be tight.

Rutherford sees a Penguins and Brian Dumoulin going to income arbitration, yet it could only be posturing. The Penguins could be meditative he’s value in a $3 million operation on a new deal, with Dumoulin meditative Olli Maatta income and around $4 million.

Hard to see a Phil Kessel trade that would indeed urge a Penguins Cup chances. The Penguins would expected have to keep income in any Kessel trade as Cup contenders don’t have a lot of top space. [Werner] doesn’t see Kessel finishing his career in Pittsburgh, yet doesn’t see them trade him now.

Olli Maatta isn’t chaste yet it’s not easy to find a group that can fit his agreement in. Don’t consider a Penguins are unfortunate pierce Maatta.

Seems some-more than 50-50 that Matt Cullen plays subsequent deteriorate as against to retiring. If Cullen does confirm to play, Rutherford will do all he can to move him back.

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