NFL Rumors: Seahawks Unlikely To Sign Free Agent QB Colin Kaepernick

NFL Rumors: Seahawks Unlikely To Sign Free Agent QB Colin Kaepernick

It appears as yet Colin Kaepernick’s hunt for NFL practice in 2017 will lift on.

According to SiriusXM NFL Radio’s Pat Kirwan, a Seattle Seahawks aren’t approaching to sign Kaepernick notwithstanding bringing in a maestro signal-caller for a visit.

Seattle has been a usually group to uncover seductiveness in Kaepernick this offseason. The Seahawks are in need of a backup QB behind starter Russell Wilson, and star defensive finish Michael Bennett even went on a record to contend that Seattle would be “a ideal place” for Kaepernick.

Not to mention, outspoken film executive Spike Lee appeared to leak Kaepernick fasten a Seahawks when he posted an Instagram print thanking Pete Carroll for signing a 29-year-old.

At this theatre in a game, it’s tough to suppose Kaepernick signing with a group before a unchanging deteriorate starts. Teams already have begun OTAs (organized group activities) and there has been small seductiveness in Kaepernick around a joining given giveaway group non-stop in March.

It’s substantially too early to close a book on Kaepernick’s career, as there’s always a possibility of injuries or other reasons changeable a team’s needs. But only 4 years after heading a San Francisco 49ers to a Super Bowl, Kaepernick has turn a comparatively neglected man.

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