NFL Rumors: Gerald McCoy Free Agency Frenzy, Ezekiel Elliott Suspension, Nick Bosa Injury News

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NFL rumors news continue to feverishness adult as we conduct into a weekend, generally around DT Gerald McCoy who is a tip giveaway representative left available. Ezekiel Elliott was concerned in another off a margin occurrence final weekend, find out if Jerry Jones thinks his star RB will be suspended. The #2 collect in a 2019 NFL Draft by a 49ers was Nick Bosa who is already injured, get a latest 49ers news on how prolonged he is out for. Plus, Mitchell Renz horde of Chat Sports’ NFL Daily breaks down a latest on Rams QB Jared Goff and Giants QB Daniel Jones in a video above.

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Today’s NFL News Rumors:
Plenty of seductiveness in Gerald McCoy?
Daniel Jones is a subsequent Aaron Rodgers?
Ezekiel Elliott Suspension Coming? 
Will Rams give Goff a 2nd agreement ?
Nick Bosa Already Injured?
Adam ‘Pacman’ Jonesretires from a NFL

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Gerald McCoy Honorable Mentions:
Atlanta Falcons
– Dallas Cowboys
Los Angeles Chargers
New Orleans Saints
Philadelphia Eagles

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