NFL Free Agents 2017: Projecting Homes for Best Players on Market, Post-Draft

    Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images

    Projected Landing Spot: Cleveland Browns

    How could we forget a group still sitting on over $50 million in top space, per Spotrac, even after accounting for this year’s rookie pool.

    I competence not be means to forget about all that cheddar, though a Cleveland cornerbacks are another story altogether. Outside of Joe Haden (who hasn’t been himself in some time) they are imminently forgettable.

    Right now, a Browns are a multi-coloured organisation of “who?” solely for Haden, and given all a income a group has left in a fight chest, there’s small reason not to cruise adding some maestro assistance in a secondary.

    When a Browns embarked on their initial free-agent spending debauch of 2017, Jason McCourty wasn’t on a menu. The 29-year-old, who played his initial 8 seasons in Tennessee, wasn’t expelled by a Titans until mid-April.

    McCourty had 67 tackles and dual interceptions a year ago, though isn’t a good cover corner. He ranked 69th in that courtesy final year, per PFF.

    But McCourty offers a Browns a integrate of things that are in brief supply in a defensive backfield in Cleveland.

    The initial is toughness. McCourty has never been bashful about removing unwashed in run support, pier adult over 60 tackles 5 times and aggregation an eye-popping 105 stops behind in 2011.

    The second is experience. The Browns could use a dilemma conflicting Haden, who has been around a retard once or twice, and McCourty has finished 90 starts in his career.

    It’s been a good offseason from a Browns, who have finished an glorious pursuit stuffing holes in both giveaway group and a draft.

    McCourty would fill another one, and they have some-more than adequate top space to make it happen.

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