NFL Free Agency: Who will be a Kirk Cousins of 2019?

NFL giveaway group isn’t typically a place a group can find themselves a franchise-caliber quarterback simply given they never turn available.

Kirk Cousins became a singular difference in this case. His conditions with a Washington Redskins a past integrate years was unique.  Despite steady efforts to work out a long-term extension, a dual sides could never find common ground. This notwithstanding Washington regulating a authorization tab on him not once yet twice. All that additional time and Cousins never budged once from his turn of demand. In a end, Washington let him travel and traded for Alex Smith instead.

Cousins finished adult withdrawal for Minnesota where he’s now earning $28 million a year. Ironically enough, a Redskins seem to have a improved group yet during 5-2 while a Vikings are 4-3-1. That’s not given of Cousins though. He’s carrying arguably a best deteriorate of his career with 2,521 yards, 16 touchdowns, and only 4 interceptions. That puts him on gait for 5,042 yards and 32 touchdowns that would both be career highs.

There’s no doubt a Vikings don’t bewail their preference in a slightest. This begs a question. Could there be another Cousins out there on a marketplace in 2019? The contingency would seem unprecedented, yet crazy things can happen.

Teddy Bridgewater will be a guide of an differently severe FA class

While there will be no quarterback who has been a high-level starter for 3 years subsequent offseason accessible (barring an doubtful cut), there will be one hopeful. That is Teddy Bridgewater. The former Pro Bowler has trafficked a prolonged highway given his comfortless knee damage behind in 2016. It attacked him of his starting pursuit in Minnesota. Yet he persevered, took advantage of an event in New York and was traded to a New Orleans Saints where he backs adult Drew Brees.

The thing is Bridgewater will be a giveaway representative subsequent year. That leaves a Saints with dual options. They possibly find a approach to extend him, that will be formidable unless they partial ways with Brees, or they authorization tab him. Not accurately an easy situation. Bridgewater might not have started for 3 years yet he’s shown that he has copiousness of gas left in a tank after a clever opening in a preseason behind in August.

He’ll be 26-years aged with a full believe that a marketplace will be razor skinny with guys like Ryan Fitzpatrick, Tyrod Taylor, and Brock Osweiler to contest with him. Teams will be scrambling to pointer him, and that will expostulate adult his value immensely. If there is another Cousins to be had subsequent spring, it’s really him.

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