NFL giveaway agency: Veteran pass-rusher Elvis Dumervil to pointer with 49ers

Elvis Dumervil spent years chasing quarterbacks around a AFC West. Now he’ll give a NFC West a try.

The maestro pass-rush dilettante has concluded to terms with a 49ers, he and ubiquitous manager John Lynch announced Monday.

Dumervil, 33, spent a final 4 seasons with a Ravens after 7 years with a Broncos. A two-time All-Pro actor and five-time Pro Bowl selection, he available 17 sacks as recently as 2014 though has been reduction prolific a final dual seasons.

That drop-off was apparently due during slightest in some partial to an Achilles damage that he played by in 2015 before finally carrying medicine in Feb 2016. He finished adult personification in usually 8 games final deteriorate as he struggled to lapse to full health, and a Ravens expelled him in March.

Dumervil has 99 sacks in his career.

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