NFL Free Agency rumors: Johnathan Hankins visits Colts, per report

One of a many distinguished surprises of a 2017 giveaway group duration has been a miss of transformation on Johnathan Hankins.

The New York Giants’ dance with a defensive tackle began before a giveaway group duration kicked off. The Giants reportedly worked feverishly to get a understanding finished with a 2013 second turn collect and keep him from attack a open market. They did put a multi-year understanding on a list that has been pronounced to be “competitive.” Hankins’ illustration apparently did not trust that it was good adequate and have spent a final month seeking a big-time deal. That marketplace never materialized and a gossip indent has been remarkably still on Hankins.

Since afterwards a Giants have confirmed that they wish Hankins to lapse to a fold, and that their competitive, multi-year understanding is still on a table, accessible Hankins’ signature.

Tuesday afternoon we finally got word of transformation on a Hankins Watch — a revisit to a Indianapolis Colts.

A assembly does not meant that a understanding has been, or will be signed. The Colts were reportedly meddlesome in Dontari Poe and they do have poignant top room. This competence also be an try to remind a Giants that Hankins is a gifted actor who has other options.

Regardless, after some-more than a month of loitering in that a marketplace for large defensive tackles never materialized, any transformation is noteworthy.

We will move we any updates as we get them.

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