NFL giveaway agency: NOW should a 49ers pursue Eric Berry?

NFL giveaway group has left by a initial dual waves of signings. One actor still accessible is Eric Berry, and it’s utterly unpleasant to see. When he was on, Berrry was a reserve no one wanted to [site-decorum] with. The one we didn’t wish to plea on a field. He went by so most adversity, including a conflict with cancer and kept entrance behind after everything. The ruptured Achilles in 2017 was what hermetic his predestine and a Chiefs expelled him after a 2018 season.

If he can stay healthy, Berry can be a intensity game-changer on a field. That’s a large ‘if.’ As distant as news for a team, a longer it’s been, a cheaper Berry could be to sign. Now that we’re into May, maybe it’s time to close him on one of those one-year infer it deals like Jason Verrett has.

In 2016, Berry finished with 4 interceptions (two of that became touchdowns) and 9 passes defended. In 2017, a aforementioned achilles damage finished his deteriorate after one game. He was day-to-day for flattering most a whole 2018 deteriorate and usually played in dual games. This is after he was taken out in 2017 in Week 1. There was a segment awhile behind with Mike Garafolo observant that Berry’s emanate isn’t something he can’t play by and he won’t need a procedure.

It’s good that he can play, and a 49ers need another safety, though achilles injuries are zero to disaster with. Even a smallest overuse or twist can take months, even years to heal, if it ever were to during all. We don’t know a border of a damage so it’s beforehand to pass judgment, though it’s really unsure given how he showed adult on a damage news in 2018.

That said, he competence come inexpensive and a 49ers could use him in training camp. Is now a time to go get Berry for a 1-year deal?

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