NFL giveaway agency: John Harbaugh sum ‘great visit’ with Jeremy Maclin

So far, there is no understanding between receiver Jeremy Maclin and a Ravens, manager John Harbaugh announced Thursday.

Maclin was in Baltimore to revisit a group right after assembly with a Bills as he continues demeanour for practice after his startling recover from a Chiefs. 

Harbaugh minute a “great visit” with Maclin and how he hung out with a players and watched Game 3 of a NBA finals. Even yet he left but a contract, Harbaugh did contend a Ravens could still pointer him.

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“He wants a small some-more time to make adult his decision,” Harbaugh said. “The categorical thing is, we wish guys to be happy. … If they come here or wherever they go, we wish them to demeanour behind and say, ‘I done a best preference in my life to do that.'”

With a retirement of Steve Smith Sr. and a recover of parsimonious finish Dennis Pitta, it’s apparent a Ravens need a receiver. Chances are, they will continue to heavily justice Maclin until he creates a organisation decision.

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