NFL giveaway agency: 4 targets if a Browns are looking to spend

CLEVELAND, Ohio — The Browns enter a 2019 offseason with something teams enviousness — players on rookie contracts and tons of tip space to supplement pieces around them.

GM John Dorsey isn’t expected to blow adult this team’s payroll this offseason. Just since we can spend doesn’t meant we have to spend, and a bills will come due on their immature talent eventually. There are already players like Damarious Randall and Joe Schobert in line for extensions.

Dorsey’s proceed final year was simple: supplement a covering of veterans above a immature players on affordable contracts with outs after one or dual years. It took vigour off those immature players and authorised a Browns to contest in 2018, creation them a end for players who see a remarkable multiple of income and intensity to win.’s Matt Goul’s Top 50 intensity giveaway agents.

I don’t design Dorsey to go on a hulk spending spree, only handing out large contracts. The Browns have so many pieces already in place and it’s some-more expected Dorsey would acquire pieces around trade regulating a breeze resources during his disposal, most like he did with Jarvis Landry and Randall an offseason ago.

These are 4 of a tip giveaway agents value considering, if they indeed strike a market, and one to keep an eye on.

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