New York Knicks use, afterwards undo print with Kevin Durant from sheet pitch

10:20 PM ET

The New York Knicks used an design of rookie core Mitchell Robinson personification alongside a Golden State Warriors’ Kevin Durant in a representation to season-ticket holders, afterwards deleted a design to equivocate a notice that a classification had an distant ground in including Durant, who will be a 2019 giveaway agent, in a pitch.

“Game movement photos are used all a time for selling purposes, yet given all going on, we took a prevision of holding a imitation down,” a Knicks pronounced in a matter Sunday night. “To be clear, it was one of several rotating photos on a website.”

It is not unheard of for teams to use stars from hostile teams in selling material. The Knicks, though, have been closely related to Durant, a two-time NBA Finals MVP, in giveaway agency. The organisation caused a stir when a Knicks season-ticket hilt forked out a imitation in a amicable media post.

The imitation was partial of a representation to season-ticket holders to replenish their packages for a 2019-20 season. It enclosed a couple to learn some-more about renovation information. The deadline for season-ticket renewals is after this month, and a Knicks (10-45) have tied a single-season authorization record with 16 uninterrupted losses.

New York hopes to spin things around quickly, commencement with a entrance offseason. The Knicks will expected have a high collect in a 2019 NBA breeze and plan to have roughly $70 million in tip space this summer — adequate for dual max contracts.

Opposing teams design a Knicks to be assertive in posterior a tip giveaway agents in a entrance offseason, a organisation that includes Durant, Kawhi Leonard and Kyrie Irving.

Some tighten to Durant see New York as a probable alighting mark for a back-to-back NBA Finals MVP if he chooses to leave a Warriors, according to joining sources.

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