New York Knicks: Kyrie Irving or Kemba Walker?

Kyrie Irving Or Kemba Walker?  That is a question.

With a Knicks carrying a many top space in a NBA for a arriving summer, they are targeting Kevin Durant. After they hopefully pointer Durant, they will still have adequate income to chuck during one some-more large name giveaway agent. A lot of people assume that second giveaway representative will be Kyrie Irving. But will it, or should it be Kemba Walker?


Kyrie Irving is an conundrum for many. Some cruise him a good player. Some cruise him a good player, though a cancer to a locker room. The 1st collect in a 2011 NBA Draft, now 27 years old, has averaged over 23 points per diversion this past unchanging season. Irving is famous as a scorer, who does not play a best defense. He is also famous as a good crony of Kevin Durant. So, if Irving does not land in New York, does that meant Durant won’t either?

Irving has had a slew of injuries over a past few years.  Even being damage prone, he will authority a max agreement from his subsequent team. Which begs a question, is Irving value a max contract?  While he might be a good scorer, his invulnerability and damage news leaves something to be desired.


Kemba Walker, a hometown hero. Drafted 9 picks after Irving, Kemba Walker, a Bronx local has been with a Charlotte Hornets ever since. For his career, Walker is averaging a hair underneath 20 points a game. But this season, Walker upped his scoring to 25.6 points a game, to go along with 5.9 assists. He can put a round in a bucket, and is a improved group actor afterwards Irving. However, Walker is also older, and not as large of a luminary as Irving is.

If Walker is a one to pointer with a Knicks, afterwards there is a possibility Durant would not pointer with a Knicks.  Since Irving won’t be using indicate for a Knicks. Does it make clarity to spurn a hometown, New York native, so that Kevin Durant is a Knick subsequent season?

Decisions, Decisions…

What if a Knicks don’t pointer Irving or Walker. As of Apr 23rd, Frank Ntilikina, Emmanuel Mudiay and Dennis Smith Jr. are still on a team.  And Mudiay is also a limited giveaway agent. With a contentment of indicate guards for New York, does it make a many clarity to let Smith Jr. and Ntilikina run a point?  Or do they spend a income somewhere else, like during sharpened guard?

Is a starting 5 of Irving, Damyean Dotson, Kevin Knox, Durant, and Mitchell Robinson improved afterwards a Smith Jr., Klay Thompson, Kevin Knox, Durant, and Robinson? These are some large questions a Knicks will have to consider about over a subsequent few months.

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