New York Knicks: Interest in Lonnie Walker IV not an illusion

The jaunty Lonnie Walker IV could breeze adult being a take for a New York Knicks as his breeze batch continues to rise.

There are certain things we know about a universe and certain things Lonnie Walker IV knows about a world. For instance, we know that a Earth is turn (sorry, Kyrie). We also know how many people live here and a ubiquitous clarity of a resources people have during their disposal.

Walker doesn’t brawl any of that. His doubt comes in to play during a really existence of Earth itself.

“The Earth is not flat, in my opinion,” Walker recently told ESPN. “But a Earth, on my conspiracy, a Earth is really an illusion. That’s my conspiracy.”

It’s going to take a lifetime to contemplate that brain-bending philosophy. But it’ll take a lot reduction time for Walker to comprehend his NBA potential.

The former Miami Hurricanes sharpened ensure has been mountainous adult breeze play as of late. He’s young, though has shown a ton of intensity as an athlete, defender, and three-point shooter. Walker could now turn a 3-and-D actor in a NBA, with a roof of an All-Star.

No consternation he’s been on a arise given a 2018 NBA Draft Combine.

The New York Knicks aren’t a usually group that’s voiced an seductiveness in Walker. Bryan Kalbrosky of HoopsHype reports that during slightest 4 other lottery teams have met with Walker so far, with roughly a month to go before a draft.

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When news initial pennyless about New York’s seductiveness in Walker, a heat was usually usually rising on a immature sharpened guard. He put adult ostentatious numbers in a max straight jump (40″) and a Three Quarter Sprint (3.06 seconds), divulgence usually how bomb he can be.

In a Knicks’ rebuild, Walker represents a ideal mix of a complicated NBA starter and a intensity for so most more.

Bleacher Report’s latest ridicule draft has a Knicks selecting Collin Sexton, while Walker slips to No. 18.

But for a New York Knicks, Lonnie Walker IV competence be value reaching for, as he attempts to strech his NBA dreams—the usually thing that isn’t an apparition right now.

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