NBC Geared Up For PyeongChang Winter Olympics Even As North Korea Heats Up – TCA

Talk about good timing: Four days after NBC front Super Bowl LII on Feb 4, a network will launch a coverage of a 2018 Winter Olympics from PyeongChang, South Korea. The final time one of a Big Four promote networks aired both events was CBS in 1992, though there was a three-week mangle between them.

But as NBC spoke during TCA currently about a opportunities for enhancing a observation knowledge of a Feb 8-25 Games with VR, 4K and drones and a fact that a eventuality will atmosphere live given South Korea is 16 hours forward of Pacific Standard Time, a elephant in a room was finally addressed: being North Korea.

One TCA contributor asked NBC Olympics Production and Programming President Jim Bell indicate vacant about a appearing hazard that a Kim Jung-un regime poses, generally given a limit is usually about 13 hours from PyeongChang, “No doubt there will be a shred on a DMZ, though with how many tragedy there is over there, how many has a network prepared?” asked a journalist.

“I don’t consider we can have any sports eventuality like a Olympics where there isn’t some component of geopolitics,” Bell said. “We had that in Rio with a domestic shake and a Zika pathogen and a Sochi Olympics [in 2014]. Frankly, it’s been on a Olympics radar from a start of time; Munich 1972. We’re geared adult for a Olympics as good as other colleagues during NBC. We’ll work with a IOC; we’ll be safe.”

What if a U.S. supervision insists it’s vulnerable for a nation’s Olympians to transport to a Korean Peninsula if events expand further? Last week, North Korea tested an intercontinental ballistic barb that appears to have a operation to strech vital U.S. cities.

“Those are all good questions, though what happens is we go down that highway and come adult with too many ‘What ifs.’ We take them as they come. We had a conditions in Rio where a anchor of the Today show announced she wasn’t going since of a Zika virus. But we rubbed it. We were active with a staff, and a people we send to Rio. We’ll do a same thing here as those things happen.”

“Given a knowledge in a many past Olympics, we’re operative with a IOC, a State Department and a security,” Bell said. “We’re going to be fine.”

At a finish of a session, an NBC repute pronounced that a Rio Olympics, notwithstanding being down in a ratings on linear platforms, “was a many profitable. We were means to monetize this eventuality opposite opposite platforms.”

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