NBA: Warriors journey past Spurs in discussion finals rematch

Klay Thompson scored 27 points, Kevin Durant had 24 and a Golden State Warriors overcame a dull initial half to kick a injury-riddled San Antonio Spurs 112-92 on Thursday night.

Steph Curry combined 21 points for Golden State in a initial assembly opposite a Spurs given unconditional a Western Conference finals en track to a NBA title.

The Spurs played but Kawhi Leonard and Tony Parker, as they did in a discussion finals. Unlike those blowout victories, Golden State struggled to tighten out San Antonio.

Spurs brazen LaMarcus Aldridge had 24 points and 10 rebounds, stability his resurgent season. Kyle Anderson combined 16 points in place of Leonard, whose lapse from an harmed right quadriceps is still undetermined.

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