NBA: Shaquille O’Neal Once Bought Every Laker A New Rolex

A Laker fable suggested that Shaquille O’Neal once bought any Laker a new Rolex and helped him buy a new car.

Back in early to midst 2000’s, Mark “Mad Dog” Madsen was once a throng favorite fill-in frontcourt for a Lakers. During his rookie deteriorate with a Lakers, Madsen had a good attribute with former Lakers luminary Shaq

In his new disdainful talk with Fair Game, Madsen unclosed some engaging practice he had with a Lakers icon.

According to Madsen, Shaq went to a locker room one day and ask who is pushing a Toyota Astro outpost parked during Staples Centre. When Madsen certified that it was him, Shaq took him carshopping and paid for a down remuneration of his new car.

“We get to a automobile dealership, he walks adult to a initial man and he pronounced ‘take me true to a manager’ and he says ‘Mr. Manager, this is Mad Dog and I’m gonna buy him a automobile today’,” Madsen recalled.

Madsen also suggested what form of automobile Shaq bought him during that remarkable day.

“It was a blue Chevy Tahoe,” Madsen revealed.

After selling a code new car, Madsen pronounced that Shaq also bought him several pairs of jeans for him to stone with any day of a week.

The selling knowledge didn’t stop there, as per Madsen, Shaq also bought him a new “Rolex.” After selling him one, a Laker fable all of a remarkable motionless to buy a new Rolex for any singular actor on a Lakers register during that year.

“And afterwards he took me Rolex shopping. And he bought a new Rolex for any singular man on a team,” Madsen said.

Madsen’s knowledge wasn’t a initial explanation that Shaq is unequivocally a honestly inexhaustible person. Last May, a late Lakers star bought 10 pairs of boots for a teen with a distance 18 feet.

According to Shaq, he knew how it feels to have a hardtime anticipating a span of shoe since of carrying naturally large feet, Los Angeles Times noted.

“Mom couldn’t means shoes. The child had large feet. That used to be me, my mom and my dad,” Shaq  told  WGCL-TV in Atlanta.

Shaq took a child to Friedman’s Shoes in Atlanta, where owners Bruce Teilhaber once gave Shaq a span of distance 18 penny loafers for him to wear in his prom.

“I remember a price. It was a $180 span of shoes, and my father asked Bruce about a layaway program. Bruce said, ‘Don’t worry about it. We’ll take caring of it’,” Shaq recalled.

Shaq certified that he was only perplexing to lapse a preference by selling a child some shoes.

“I suspicion this was a good thing to do. Mom and kid, child plays basketball. Bruce did it for me, we only wanted to lapse a favor,” Shaq admitted.

Shaquille O’Neal hosts of one of PodcastOne’s 200 shows. Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

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