NBA Rumors: Knicks Willing To Trade Top 3 Pick In 2019 Draft For Superstar

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Zion Williamson is being hailed as a subsequent good NBA superstar, even before he has overwhelmed a pro-level court. ASs a projected #1 altogether pick, many are insisting he is a once in a era form of talent.

Jerry West even compared flitting on Zion in a breeze to flitting on Michael Jordan.

Yet, in a past week, reports have indicated that a Suns cite Murray State star Ja Morant, and now that a Knicks might finish adult trade their possibility during Zion (if they land tip 3 in a lottery) for an determined superstar.

Here is what a Knicks GM Scott Perry pronounced to Marc Berman of the New York Post:

“Once a breeze routine plays out, your phone rings a lot of times,” Perry said. “I can’t lay here and tell we accurately what would occur in that scenario.”

“Our prophesy is eventually is to turn a championship-caliber team,” Perry said. “All a formulation has that in mind. We’re not going to demeanour during this summer as a end-all or be-all, per say. We’re vehement to be in a game. We’re not going to go off a rails if we don’t get what you’re articulate about. We’ll be really gentle with a breeze and what we can supplement around trade to be a improved basketball team.”

Perry does not repudiate his team’s eagerness to during slightest hear out offers for a tip lottery pick. If a group like New Orleans called and offering Anthony Davis, something says a Knicks might be prone to take a deal.

But for New York, their predestine will not be firm to a trade marketplace or breeze alone. With loads of giveaway tip space, they are approaching to be vital players for a summer’s tip giveaway agents, including Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.

If given a tip 3 pick, it will open adult a whole new universe of possibilities for them come a offseason.

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