NBA Free Agent Rumors: Lakers among ‘leading contenders’ to land LeBron James

LeBron James and a Cleveland Cavaliers were swept out of a NBA Finals by a Golden State Warriors. The judgment was not fun to write, and substantially even reduction fun to live for James, who reportedly harm his palm punching a blackboard after diversion one. It’s tough to see him returning to Cleveland, that would seem to give a Los Angeles Lakers a shot to pointer biggest giveaway representative of a summer.

Bleacher Report’s Howard Beck was in Cleveland for diversion 4 and wrote a illusory square about a mood immediately following LeBron’s sixth finals loss. In it, he wrote this multiple of research and stating that should locate your eye if you’re anticipating to see James in a Laker uniform subsequent season.

It (title contention) roughly positively won’t occur in Cleveland. The Cavs don’t have a payroll room, or a ubiquitous allure, to land star giveaway agents. The eighth collect in a breeze won’t assistance them in a nearby tenure or be profitable adequate to land a poignant actor around trade.

So it seems roughly certain that James will be job a relocating trucks, for a third time in 8 years.

League sources perspective a Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets and Philadelphia 76ers as heading contenders, with a San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat also expected to get a look.

Not listed: The Boston Celtics. So that’s good to see.

Philadelphia and Houston offer exponentially some-more evident talent, though James’ fit with Ben Simmons doesn’t make clarity when a latter sees three-point lines in his nightmares, and Chris Paul reportedly not being open to holding a compensate cut creates a top workings flattering difficult for James’ fit in Houston.

What a Lakers offer some-more than any other group is a event for LeBron to put together accurately a kind of group he wants. They have a top coherence to land another luminary and a resources to trade for a third. Plus, a Buss family has always shown a eagerness to compensate adult if a group is contending.

A lot has to go right, though a Lakers have a possibility to get James. For a group entrance off 35 wins, that’s about all we can ask for right now.

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