NBA Free Agency Rumors 2017: Chris Paul and Spurs reportedly have mutual interest

Chris Paul is confronting one of a some-more formidable decisions as a veteran this offseason: follow income or follow a ring?

Both are options he’s holding into consideration, as Zach Lowe of ESPN reported on his podcast Tuesday that a 32-year-old Paul, a nine-time All Star, is tied to a San Antonio Spurs as a intensity end this summer. 

“There’s been a lot of rumblings about Chris Paul, and we consider that’s real,” Lowe pronounced in a review with Kevin Arnovitz. “I consider there’s mutual seductiveness there. we don’t know how genuine it is given a Clippers can offer a enormous volume of income and are also a unequivocally good team; and a Spurs, like we said, have no arrange of top coherence to get there. I’m really extraordinary about what they do this summer and who’s on a group subsequent year.”

Should Paul elect to stay in Los Angeles, a Clippers could offer him a understanding value $205 million-plus that would obscure any other financial offer a group could chuck his way. But Paul could confirm to cut his waste with L.A., that faces a series of offseason giveaway group questions that embody Blake Griffin and J.J. Redick. Paul could instead follow a ring with a fast authorization like a Spurs, who would be well-equipped to contest for a pretension right away, during slightest on paper.

The Spurs were swept in a Western Conference finals by a Golden State Warriors, though offered Paul to come in as a centerpiece of a group alongside Kawhi Leonard and aging star Tony Parker, who missed a discussion finals with an injury, isn’t a stretch. The group won 61 games this deteriorate and, distinct a Clippers, have consistently modernized past a initial turn and flourished in a postseason.

Regardless, Paul is approaching to opt out of his understanding with a Clippers to exam giveaway group — opening a doorway for a max offer from a Clippers, or potentially signing as a giveaway agent. The Spurs, for some-more reasons than one, make copiousness of clarity if he were to select to follow that ever-elusive NBA pretension elsewhere.

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