NBA Draft Lottery 2018: Will Sixers finally accept Lakers pick?

For any of a final 3 drafts, the Sixers entered the NBA Draft Lottery carefree that a Lakers’ collect would communicate to them. Finally, it 2018, contingency are, finally, in their preference when a lottery takes place on Tuesday night

To explain a involved routine that should finally pierce a Lakers breeze collect into a Sixers possession, go approach behind to a 2012 off-season.

That’s when a Suns sealed and traded Steve Nash to a Lakers in sell for a 2013 and 2015 first-round collect and a integrate second-round picks. The 2015 first-round collect would be top-5 stable in 2015, top-3 stable in 2016-17 and, if it done it that far, defenceless in 2018.

Spoiler alert: It done it that far.

Draft Lottery odds

In 2015, as partial of a intelligent three-team trade manuevered, in part, by ex-Sixers ubiquitous manager Sam Hinkie, a Sixers acquired that stable first-round collect by promulgation Michael Carter-Williams to a Bucks, who sent Brandon Knight to a Suns, who sent that collect to a Sixers.

That initial year, in 2015, a Lakers were top-5 protected, and entered a lottery with a fourth-best contingency of removing a No. 1 pick. They got No. 2, kept a collect and drafted D’Angelo Russell. The Sixers picked Jahlil Okafor with their possess preference during No. 3.

In 2016, with a top-3 protection, a Lakers had a second-best contingency and got a No. 2 pick, selecting Brandon Ingram. The Sixers picked Ben Simmons with their possess No. 1 altogether pick. 

Last year, with another top-3 protection, a Lakers had a third-best contingency and got a No. 2 pick, selecting Lonzo Ball. The Sixers traded adult from No. 3 to No. 1 and selected Markelle Fultz.

Now, a collect is unprotected. At least, from a Lakers perspective.

If it falls between No. 2 and 5, it will communicate to the Boston Celtics as partial of that trade final year to pierce adult and name Fultz. Right now, a Lakers have a 10th-best lottery odds, definition it’s some-more than expected that it winds adult in a Sixers hands.


It usually took four lotteries. 

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