Nashville Predators vs. Pittsburgh Penguins: Our House

If you’re usually tuning in, it’s been days given a Nashville Predators sealed out their annual CMA road-trip, though it’s felt a lot longer.

Three days off is fundamentally 3 weeks in hockey time, and a Preds lapse to Bridgestone tonight is some-more than welcome. Not to discuss it’s time to give Kyle Turris a genuine Smashville acquire to a family!

Unfortunately, a Preds will be confronting a Pittsburgh Penguins for a initial time during home given a Stanley Cup Final. Fortunately, there’s no improved time to finally put a demons to rest with a flightless birds than in-front of a hometown crowd.

The Pittsburgh Penguins

The fortifying crater champions are entrance off a 4-1 highway detriment to a Washington Capitals Friday night. Thanks Trotzy!

The Pens are 9-7-2 in their initial 18 outings, however their highway record is reduction than considerable during 4-7-1. This could be a outrageous advantage for a Preds, who are now 3-1-1 during home. While a Penguins are no strangers to winning during Bridgestone, they’re confronting a totally opposite group tonight.

We all know what a Penguins are able of so it’s no warn that guys like Evgeni Malkin and Phil Kessel are already putting adult 19 and 20 points this season. Don’t worry, Sidney Crosby is still in a brew too with 5 goals and 13 points. Surprisingly when he’s not perplexing to get divided with inexpensive penalties and branch Ryan Reaves into his on-ice servant he’s still flattering good during hockey.

What competence be startling about a Penguins this deteriorate is Matt Murray. After dual seasons of perplexing to stand out from underneath a shade of Marc-Andre Fleury, Murray has finally taken over a purpose of starting goaltender.

It hasn’t been an easy transition for a 23 year old. With a goals authorised normal of 2.90 and a save commission of .906, Murray has authorised 41 goals so distant in 15 games. Overall pity a effort competence not have seemed ideal, though Murray seemed to advantage from it. If a Preds’ new descent arrangement can find their slit early, and rouse a puck over Murray, a immature goaltender competence be in for a prolonged night.

The Nashville Predators

The Preds are entrance off a successful highway trip, as good as finally appropriation a final blank couple to their offense. It’s been a large week for a hometown team, notwithstanding usually personification one game.

The further of Kyle Turris should finally be a hint a offense has been blank all these years. Turris played 11 games with Ottawa before being traded. In those games he scored 3 goals and posted 9 points. The Senators competence have been rolling Turris as their first-line center, though it looks like a Preds have each intension of regulating him on a second-line. The further of Turris and a healthy Ryan Johansen should be adequate to give Preds fans a Stanley Cup Final rematch we’ve been watchful for.

The further of Turris saw a depart of Samuel Girard. While that stings, it stings a small reduction when Matt Irwin and Yannick Weber are stepping adult and doing what they can to turn out a invulnerability until Ryan Ellis returns. The invulnerability will have their hands tied with Malkin, Kessel, and Crosby, though home-ice advantage, a Penguins miss of highway wins, and a newly dull out offense should all work in Nashville’s favor.

The final doubt symbol for a Preds, is of-course, goaltending. Pekka Rinne has been implausible this season. He’s usually authorised 23 goals in 11 games posting a goals authorised normal of 2.08 and a save commission of .934. Rinne’s record opposite a Pens has been flattering brutal. They’ve always seemed to have his number, though a Rinne we’ve seen newly is a male hexed with a one idea mentality, and that idea is winning a Stanley Cup with a Nashville Predators. To do that, Rinne’s going to have to get a Pittsburgh gorilla off his behind once and for all.

Reasons to Watch

  • Kyle Turris – It’s his initial diversion as a Nashville Predator and it’s during home opposite a Pittsburgh Penguins. What some-more can we ask for on a Saturday night in Smashville
  • Pekka Rinne – It’s time for Rinne to infer a Penguins aren’t his Achilles’ heel.
  • Ryan Johansen – RyJo has to measure a idea soon…right? He will measure a idea again…right?

Song of a Game

Sights and Sounds

Puck dump is during 7:00 p.m. CST during Bridgestone Arena. You can watch a diversion on Fox Sports Tennessee or listen live on 102.5 The Game.

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