NASCAR® Update: The NASCAR Superfan Next Door

NASCAR is famous for carrying a many constant fans. Walking by POET’s domicile in Sioux Falls, S.D., we will find a superfan. Just demeanour for a die-cast indication competition cars lined adult on his table and cubicle. Justin Beek, Milling Material Handling Drafter II during POET, has been a NASCAR fan given a late 1990s and remembers a 1990 Daytona 500’s startling dissapoint when Derrike Cope took a lead over Dale Earnhardt. He depends among his favorite NASCAR memories a event to call a immature and white gift dwindle during a Kansas Speedway for his favorite driver, Jeff Gordon. Here’s a demeanour into how Beek got meddlesome in NASCAR, stats on his die-cast indication automobile collection, and his thoughts on how NASCAR has altered over a years.

Q: Tell me about your family. Do we all suffer NASCAR together?

A: we have been married to my smashing wife, Melissa, for 9 years and have dual good kids: Tavyn is 5 and Kyra is 2. Our family loves racing. They suffer going to a racetrack, privately Kansas Speedway. Tavyn loves saying all a opposite competition cars in a pits. She talks about Jeff Gordon, even yet he’s been finished racing for a few years. Kyra was dissapoint that we left a racetrack early this final May during a Kansas races. The really initial time Melissa got to see a competition up-close was when we went to Kansas Speedway and we took a tram float by a hovel to a infield and watched a cars come off array highway and got adult to speed and listened a bark of a cars and felt a belligerent shake. 

Q: How prolonged have we been a NASCAR fan?

A: I’ve been a NASCAR fan given a late 80s, early 90s. we remember examination a No. 5 Levi Garrett Monte Carlo and a 1990 Daytona 500, examination Dale Earnhardt run out of gas going into spin four, and examination Derrike Cope No. 10 Purolator Chevy pass and win a Daytona 500.

Q: How did we get introduced to a sport?

A: Watching a Daytona 500 on TV. When a “Days of Thunder” film came out, we was too immature to go it in a film theater, though we had to collect all a matchbox racecars that were out, generally a No. 18 Hardees Chevy. 

Q: How has it altered given we began following? For a better?

A: NASCAR has gotten bigger: some-more racetracks to competition at; some-more participation on TV. Has it gotten better? Yes and no. Not certain about a theatre racing. we do like that they altered like a points systems. It has gotten better. we do like how they do a points now. 

Q: Favorite drivers?

A: Jeff Gordon, Chase Elliott, Austin Dillon, Jimmie Johnson and Jack Sprague. Any motorist that’s partial of a Chevy Bowtie Brigade (Team Chevy).

Q: American Ethanol is one of a tip 10 famous brands in NASCAR. How does it make we feel that we are a partial of it?

A: It creates me really unapproachable to see a American Ethanol badge alongside a NASCAR name. 

Q: Tell me about your NASCAR collection.

A: As of today, I’m only bashful of 190 1/24th scale die-cast and 125 1/64th scale die-cast. we have each American Ethanol die-cast that Lionel Racing has produced. 

Q: Best NASCAR memory?

A: Knowing how large of a NASCAR fan we am, we was invited by Coors to call a immature and white dwindle for qualifying. And by possibility we got to do it for my all-time favorite driver, Jeff Gordon, during Kansas Speedway.

Q: Anything else to add?

A: we would like to see a authentic American Ethanol ring on a POET swift cars around a gas doors and a American Ethanol on a back-deck lid. we also would like to see a POET-American Ethanol competition automobile again. we only suffer NASCAR and collecting a die-casts.

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