NASCAR| Daytona| Driver flips off Jeff Gordon on approach to competition …

Former NASCAR Cup Series champion Jeff Gordon apologized on Friday after slicing off a motorist and removing flipped off.

Gordon was headed to Daytona International Speedway for Sunday’s Advance Auto Parts Clash when he concurred being “a small aggressive” flitting a driver. Gordon is now partial of the Fox Sports NASCAR broadcasting team.

Gordon tweeted: “To a kind male who gave me (emoji of a palm with lifted center finger) on a hwy currently … while your gesticulate was fitting as my pass was a small aggressive, we wish u can solely my reparation know we meant no harm. My fad to get to @DISupdates and see some good racing did get a best of me. Have a good day.”

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The chatter had drawn 5,300 likes and about 320 comments by 10 p.m.

Retired NASCAR motorist Dale Earnhardt Jr., who mislaid control and smacked a tree during a new sirocco in North Carolina, suggested it competence be time for Gordon to hang to a right lane.

Some fans pronounced they would adore for Gordon to pass them on a highway.

“I’d be respected to have we blow my doors off anytime!” tweeted a blogger underneath a Twitter hoop Cedar Posts.

Others suggested a other motorist was one of a many NASCAR drivers Gordon upheld during races.

“Was it Rusty?” asked Alan Cavanna, Gordon’s co-worker with Fox Sports, with a video in his chatter of Gordon’s No. 24 automobile flitting Rusty Wallace’s No. 2 on a track. “He owes we a few.”

To that Carl Breaman replied with a video of Wallace spinning Gordon out of control during a 1998 race.

Gordon fan Will Baker pronounced he endured many one-finger salutes on his approach to marks from Dale Earnhardt (Sr.) fans.

Even Atlanta Motor Speedway shielded Gordon, tweeting a design of him addressing a throng with all 5 fingers on his left palm raised.


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