NASCAR: Could Jeff Gordon leave TV after 2018?

Could Jeff Gordon’s days commentating on NASCAR on Fox Sports be numbered? He appears prepared to pierce on from TV, and take a bigger purpose in ownership.

Jeff Gordon is a fan favorite no matter where he goes. He’s a four-time NASCAR champion, a part-owner of Hendrick Motorsports, and a radio celebrity for Fox Sports. He is on tip of a batch automobile racing world, even dual years private from full-time racing. But could his days on radio be entrance to an finish in a nearby future?

In vocalization to SportsBusinessDaily contributor Adam Stern, Gordon was unequivocally neutral to stability his radio purpose with Fox Sports after his agreement expires during a finish of subsequent season. With an augmenting tenure purpose with Hendrick Motorsports, some have wondered if his position proves to be a dispute of interest.

This subject has come some-more to a forefront after Gordon’s fight with Ryan Newman on array highway during a finish of final week’s foe during Dover.

Gordon had this to contend to SportsBusinessDaily on his stream situation:

I’ve unequivocally enjoyed it; it’s been a lot of fun, unequivocally educational. To me, it’s a best approach to step out of driving, given it’s adequate vigour to make we work tough during it yet it’s also an adrenaline rush given it’s live TV. And I’ve also schooled a lot about a foe and people in a sport. But, yeah, if my purpose increases here (at HMS), it’s tough to do both. we can do both right now during a turn that I’m at.

It would approaching come as a warn to Fox Sports to see Jeff Gordon skip their promote group after usually 3 years on a air. Many have praised Gordon as a uninformed voice in an aging team, with Mike Joy, Darrell Waltrip, and Larry McReynolds having worked on TV with FOX given 2001. Gordon has also been deliberate for other roles on television, including co-hosting Live with Kelly Ripa, before Ryan Seacrest took that spot.

A pierce to concentration on tenure is inevitable, though, for Gordon. With Rick Hendrick giving Gordon co-ownership of his team, it is approaching that he will be a personality of a classification as a Hall of Famer transitions divided from a lane in a entrance years. Gordon and Hendrick reportedly mostly promulgate about a destiny of HMS, and it would warn no one if Gordon had a lot of submit on a preference of William Byron for a #24 Chevy subsequent year.

Assuming that Gordon does make a transition off of radio and entirely focuses on tenure in a nearby future, that will emanate a blank in a NASCAR on FOX team. There are dual intensity paths this could take, one from within a group and one from outside. Fox Sports could pierce Larry McReynolds behind into a categorical counter from his “rules analyst” position, yet this could be usually a short-term solution. One does have to consternation how most longer he, Mike Joy, and Darrell Waltrip will be operative on TV.

The other instruction that FOX could pierce is to sinecure from outward their family, maybe from their aspirant NBC. With Dale Earnhardt Jr. joining the NASCAR on NBC group in 2018, there has been some conjecture about a purpose of Jeff Burton going forward. Could Jeff Burton fit with a NASCAR on FOX squad? He is younger than his foe within Fox Sports during this time, and has a knowledge on TV to pronounce from.

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What do we think, will Jeff Gordon skip radio to concentration on his purpose with Hendrick Motorsports after a 2018 season? If so, who replaces him on a NASCAR on FOX team?

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