NASCAR all-time annals arrangement sport’s abounding history

NASCAR’s endless story spans all a approach behind to a initial in 1948. Over a march of those scarcely 69 years, copiousness of races — from a initial starts on Daytona Beach silt to today’s complicated speedways — have taken place.

In that time, a colorful mix of pioneers and superstars have etched their names into NASCAR’s record books. Some all-time milestones might never be steady while still other categories wait new benchmarks to be written.

Going inside a numbers and traditions of a competition at reveals copiousness of all-time records, statistics and total in what is now the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. A sampling:

• All-time wins: 200 by Richard Petty. | See more
• All-time stick positions: 123 by Richard Petty.
• Most array championships: 7 by Dale Earnhardt, Jimmie Johnson and Richard Petty.
• Most road-course wins: 9 by Jeff Gordon. | See more
 Most restrictor-plate wins: 12 by Jeff Gordon. | See more
 Most wins on dirt: 42 by Lee Petty. | See more
 All-time best winning percentage: 21.05 percent by Herb Thomas (48 wins in 228 career starts)
 All-time best normal finish, career: 7.602 by Lee Petty.
 All-time best normal starting position, career: 4.874 by Dick Hutcherson.
 All-time many laps completed: 307,836 by Richard Petty.
 All-time many laps led: 51,406 by Richard Petty.
 All-time lead-lap finishes: 588 by Jeff Gordon.
 Most all-time wins by automobile number: 209 by cars carrying No. 11. | See more

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