Morning Skate: The Penguins would substantially like a month of Oct to be over

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Lace ’em up. Time for a Morning Skate.

You would consider a Pittsburgh Penguins’ goaltending problems would be solved after they put backup Antti Niemi on waivers. Instead, starter Matt Murray laid his initial genuine clunker of a diversion in a 7-1 detriment to a Winnipeg Jets Sunday evening.

Of a Penguins’ 5 law waste this season, 3 of them have been finish blowouts. As of Monday morning, a Penguins have played usually 13 games this season.

While we wrote awhile ago that it was too early for a Penguins to be endangered about their goaltending, 3 blowouts in a initial month of a deteriorate is somewhat worrying. Niemi might be gone, though a genuine heart of a problem might still remain.

Solid goaltending from Murray and Marc-Andre Fleury masked a Penguins’ problems on invulnerability final postseason. However, though a improved backup this deteriorate Pittsburgh has been scrambling to cover a biggest debility on a blue line. Even a group led by Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin on offense will have difficulty infrequently perplexing to outscore what a invulnerability gives up.

The good news for Penguins fans during slightest is that a group has played comparatively good by many of Oct to finish a month in a tip half of a Metropolitan Division. Playoff teams aren’t done in a opening few weeks, though spots can be lost. And so far, a Penguins’ problems haven’t caused them to remove too most ground.

One judgment recaps

  • Ducks 4, Hurricanes 3 (SO): A healthy Ryan Miller got his initial win of a year with a plain 34-save effort.
  • Jets 7, Penguins 1: While a wheels came off for Pittsburgh, Blake Wheeler helped a Jets hurl with a first-period shawl trick.
  • Flames 2, Capitals 1: Calgary put a Capitals on ice interjection to Sean Monahan’s third duration game-winner.

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