Monday’s Area Results


Auburn Boys’ Summer League


Bartlett 56, Tantasqua 54

Sutton 63, Bancroft 46

Oxford 44, Northbridge 35

Uxbridge 46, Quaboag 32




Bob Small, on a 120-yard eighth hole, regulating an 8-iron. First career ace attested to by Dan Brosnihan, Matt Kemp and Greg Karpowicz.

Tournaments and Results

At BEDROCK: Senior Quota League

1, Ray Brunelle-Marty LaPrad-Roland White-Fran Ducharme, and 5. 2, Don Langhill, Henry Cieslak, Mark Chanson, George Albro, and 3.5. 3, Joe Zalieckas-Ron Rozzen-Fran Giuliano-Dave Meyers, and 2.5

At DUDLEY HILL: Monday Twilight League

T1, Bruce Ziemski-Roland Gaboury-Brian Lavoie-Geoff Bohanan, Jack Bielik-Rich Thomas-Lee Jacobson-Don Pepka, 65.

At LEICESTER CC: Jack Hanlon Senior Golf League

Gross: 1, Bob Perreault, 79. 2, Paul Graham, 81. 3, Paul Bottis, 82. Net: 1, Myron Imbody, 67. 2, Fred Hurtubise, 69. 3, Dave Burbine, 71.

At OAK HILL: 2nd Annual RB Racing for a Cure

Overall: 1, Matt Hoeske-Matt Leger-J.C. Guthrie-Brian Higgins, 54. 2, Derick Fors-Jason Bourque-Paul Stamas-Steve Timm, 55. 3, B.J. Coakley-James Connors-Keith Cordial-Rob Conway, 57. Mixed Foursome: 1, Rob Bouchard-Mark Lever-Timmy Bouchard-Olivia Bouchard, 63. Women’s: 1, Cathy Sullivan-Colette Ronney-Lori Tate-Cindy Batino, 70. 

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