MLB Roundup: Padres’ new moves uncover accelerated rebuilding process

1:06 PM ET

Tyson Ross done usually one start during a 2016 deteriorate and since of a inlet of his injuries, he faces most doubt as he moves forward in his career. So a Padres’ decision to not proposal him a agreement creates sense, as does their choice to trade Derek Norris, who was entrance off a severe season.

The moves are only a latest indications of where a Padres are headed in a subsequent integrate of years. San Diego shaved about $16 million in payroll requirement with their moves Friday, and they have accurately 0 dollars committed to players underneath agreement in 2017, other than James Shields, Melvin Upton, Jr., Jedd Gyorko, and Matt Kemp, who were dealt divided during final season. Right now, a Padres have about twice as many dollars committed in payments for players they’ve dumped than they do in their possess settlement cases for players like Wil Myers.

The offseason is still young, though during a moment, a Padres’ payroll projection is during a small over $50 million, with about half of that to players now on their roster. To put that series into perspective: As it stands, Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke will any make some-more in income than a Padres’ active register of players in 2017.

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