Mirai Nagasu Talks Life After The Olympics, “Dancing With The Stars” And Public Speaking

Mirai Nagasu gives an acceptance debate during a Pop Warner Little Scholars 58th Annual All-American Scholars Banquet on May 26, 2018 in Orlando, Fla.


ORLANDO, Fla. — Twelve hundred people sat in their seats with their eyes faced toward a theatre where 25-year-old Mirai Nagasu was being introduced. The Olympic figure skater is used to all eyes being on her, though that day she was shaken for another reason.

At Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, Nagasu was giving an acceptance speech. Despite earning a group bronze award during a Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 and competing on a many deteriorate of “Dancing with a Stars,” a initial American lady to land a triple axel during a Olympics is not used to open speaking.

At a Pop Warner All-American Scholars Banquet celebrating immature athletes and people who have shown a joining to sports, education, village and a nation’s youth, Nagasu perceived a Female Achievement Award. Before she went on theatre — with some last-minute records created on her palm and her red MagicBand still on her wrist from her revisit to Walt Disney World a day before, we sat down with a two-time Olympian to hear what she’s been adult to given PyeongChang and since she calls open vocalization a bravest thing she’s ever done.

What’s life been like given a Olympics?

It has been extraordinary and all that I’ve been operative towards. Everything has felt like a post-Olympic reward. we haven’t been home in dual months, that has overtly been great. we consider that each outing I’ve taken has been an tour and a journey. Yes, we am mentally exhausted; though during a same time, we adore operative and we adore operative hard. Everything has felt like an event that I’m beholden for and it’s been uninterrupted fun.

What’s been your favorite experience?

Definitely a Olympics have been my favorite part. It meant a lot to make it behind to a group after being left off in 2014, so to make it behind onto a group was a outrageous accomplishment. And afterwards to assistance my group win a bronze award and afterwards to also make story by alighting a triple axel, it has all been a dream come true.

After PyeongChang we posted a poem on Instagram that we wrote when we didn’t make a group 4 years ago that said, “Quit now, says a voice in my head, though what will we do if not skating?” Have we given any some-more suspicion to what we wish to do after skating?

Yes, absolutely. we started going to propagandize during UCCS (University of Colorado Colorado Springs), and we consider going to propagandize has overtly unequivocally helped in anticipating myself and anticipating other things that I’m also good at. we consider it’s critical to put your all into your sport, though we consider that change is also a necessity. It wasn’t easy studying, though zero inestimable is easy in life.

How did it feel going on “Dancing with a Stars” and competing in something other than figure skating?

It was awesome. I’ve been skating for 20 years and dedicated 20 years of my life to skating. we consider we was prepared for a uninformed opinion and a fresher approach to compete. Competing is in my blood, so we was unequivocally looking brazen to it. It gets a small bit waste out there though also after 20 years we don’t consider ice dancing or pairs is something we can do — I’m a small too high for pairs and my corner work isn’t utterly polished adequate for ice dance, so…

But we pronounced we desired competing with a partner – any possibility of that again down a road?

Maybe. It was a lot of fun.

How was Alan Bersten as a partner?

I consider he had a lot of expectations since we was a figure skater. So when we initial met him he was like, ‘Ugh, you’re not a good follower.’ But he was unequivocally studious with me and taught me so many about partnering and dancing. It wasn’t easy though I’m used to it as an contestant to work towards a goal.

Did training to dance means we to feel like we weren’t jaunty for a initial time in a prolonged time?

I consider people consider that as a figure skater we’re going to be good, and we watch videos behind from a initial integrate weeks and, honestly, we was a terrible dancer — so acclamation to Alan for carrying a calm to learn me. People don’t get to see how many hours go into a dancing, though Alan had a large pursuit training me how to dance. As a singles skater I’m disposed to doing my possess thing. I’m unequivocally a feeler, that means that we feel my approach around a ice. And since I’m out there alone, we can scheme by moves a small some-more exclusively and change things. But with ballroom dancing we can’t do that since we have a partner. It was something we had to learn.

Before “Dancing with a Stars,” we pronounced we weren’t a good dancer. How do we feel now?

I had a lot of fun. And we consider that was a many critical thing for me was to go out there and contest in something other than skating — with a partner. we was unequivocally looking brazen to that and it was all and some-more that we wanted it to be. Yes, we wish we could have finished it to a finale, though during a same time I’m super beholden that they even gave me a event to be on a show. Honestly, we had a time of my life.

You’ve pronounced that you’re not dauntless outward of figure skating. Was dancing in front of millions a bravest thing you’ve ever done?

Public vocalization is flattering high adult on lists people are fearful of, so we adore that I’ve been given this event currently to share my story. we wish we do a good pursuit since I’m flattering shaken about going out there, though also unequivocally excited.

Why are we nervous?

I’m not a open orator – yet. we consider that anytime we go out in front of people we get a small bit shaken since we care. we get shaken before we contest to this day. So, we consider it’s a small bit of a same feeling. Except with open vocalization we don’t use it daily and I’m not prepared for it as good as my skating.

What is a summary we wish to get across?

I consider it’s critical for people to hear — generally in this day in age — that infrequently things don’t go a approach we want, and we only have to get adult and keep going. And we consider that, not to gloat about myself, though a approach that we did it is something that I’m unapproachable of, and we would adore a event to continue to share my story and wish to enthuse other kids to go out and grasp their dreams.

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